Sunday, July 22, 2007

Und ich hör zu

Heidelinde Weis is actually an austrian actress. She recorded this LP
with the help of some great guys like Sigfried Schwab, Fatty George,
Olaf Kübler,
Bernie Prock, Dave King, Gary Todd, Todd Canedy
and Kristian Schultze (Xynn, Snowball, and so many more) who also produced this LP.

Very listenable from the first note to the last. This actress really can sing.
Tender bossa tunes beside unobtrusive funky tracks.

Wonderful music and i mean it!!!

Highly recommend especially for german speaking folks, because of the
surprisingly fresh and ironic lyrics dealing with love and life and stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Cosmo said...

great share man. have seen this lp afew time but never bought it.


check me out

Gianni said...

any chance to reupload it, basso?
thanks anyway for all other cool lps you posted.


Mabuse said...

I'm too late for this one. Could you re-post a new link? Thanxs!

basso said...

hi guys

i will reupload this one with new coverphotos next week.

cheers, Basso

basso said...

here's the new link:

music monk said...

Thank you so much for this great record of which I have never heard of before. The great thing about this album are the lyrics and the way they are sung by Heidelinde. It is both: on one hand it is funny, easy but never cheesy and on the other hand it manages to touch you

The sublime playing of the band is also great.

Many thanks!

DubMe said...

"Und ich hör zu"... Never heard of this album - but I so want to find out more about all the great albums released in Germany from the 60ies to 80ies...

Danke :)