Saturday, August 17, 2013

Synthesizer Samba under the Radar

Here's some lovely synthesized Samba by the group Radar from Estonia. They recorded 2 LPs which both are excellent Jazz Funk / Fusion records. This mighty fine track here is unfortunately only available on a estonian compilation from the early 80s (available over at my shop, of course ; )
cheers, Basso

Saturday, August 3, 2013

one of my favourite albums ever

I'd just like to celebrate this wonderful and timeless album with you. I won't tell you what I love so much about this album, because pretty soon you'll feel it anyway.
Fila Brazillia have always been heroes to me and Maim That Tune is my fave among their many (and still not enough) albums (all amazing). This particular album is 18 years old now and I can't believe how time flies. Nevertheless I still enjoy this like day one. Back in the days people called this downtempo, triphop or chillout, but none of these pigeonholes seems to work for Fila.
Been listening to this record a lot when traveling and the sounds have been weaved into so many neural networks.... Played out a CD and had to buy another one, taped it to cassette, mini disc, converted it to mp3 for traveling AND had many dreams of seeing this on vinyl one day. Btw - why doesn't some friendly guy out there make my dream come true? I'm sure a LOT of people would be happy about it... how about a gatefold double abum ; ) Another dream of mine is a Fila Brazillia ambient album, but I better stop pestering you with my dreams. God bless Fila Brazillia!