Tuesday, June 18, 2013

last mixes

Nice people have been asking me for mixes lately. Here's what I recorded after pausing from making mixes since december. Cocktails By The Pool is the first mix of a series mixes called The Breeze. It's pretty tropical / balearic, sometimes even emotional and a bit cheesy too whilst Plum Flowers In Golden Vase (named after the first track) is more eclectic with a touch of friendly voodoo. Not to forget the relaxed and Lazy Day For The Sirens , the second mix in The Breeze series. Hope you enjoy them! Summer's here : )
Watch out for some breezy edits coming your way soon ...
Cheers, Basso



Balearic Vibraphonics

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Julian Horn - North and South and East and West

Anybody up for a mix full of amazing tunes?
Of course you are, so let's welcome vienna's one and only Julian Horn - DJ and producer of blissed out balearic tunes and remixes, currently residing in Berlin. We are happy to offer you an hour of beautiful and deep tunes that take you to a place somewhere in the holy land of organic jazz, sophisticated ambient & ethereal balearic. What i especially like about this mix is that every song was given it's room to breathe yet flavoured by his neighbours!
Perfect music for a sunny sunday like this.....
I guess by now not only those who have heard his lovely mixes on Noncollective and Higher Love are really looking forward to THIS.

Thanks Julian!

more of the good news: 
watch out for some beautiful new tunes by Julian out later this year !!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Im Stollwerk

Cologne rules! I am a big fan of Dunkelziffer / Unknown Cases and especially of Dominik von Senger. Guess what my face looked like when I turned the cover of this LP to have a look at the back.... If you're a fan too - download immediately. If not - give 'em a try anyway.

Download expired in 2011. After I posted this in 2009 this post got only 1 (ONE!) comment in 2 years. Maybe some of you have snapped by now that these guys rule ; ) New link follows