Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing Space Vol. 4

and here we have volume 4 of Meda's amazing amazing space mixes.
Thanks a lot, Meda!!


Amazing Space Vol. 4

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brute Reason Ripping Season

At least this here LP has not been posted yet, or has it? Anyway - another really excellent album by Bernard Szajner used to be available here and is now waiting for you to buy it somehwere....

PS of course this one has also been posted. Big up to France Musik. Go there immediately. It's a hell of a place!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sandworms vs Earworms

Zed - Visions Of Dune (1979 Initial Recordings)

As far as Discogs knows this is Bernard Szajner's first LP. It is inspired by Frank Herbert's science fiction novel "Dune" and it's a trip! Two side-long tracks that take you to Arrakis and beyond. Have a nice flight!

PS. If you like this check out Szajner's later works

PPS. MAN! Everything is up here already. This LP has already been posted on almighty Mutant Sounds. At least I added some pictures.... Seems like I have to rip Brute Reason now

What the Thunk?

.... and another pretty cosmic library. This time from Great Britain. A little more heroic / epic sounds than on the superb Sauveur Mallia LP posted by Cesare but still very listenable.... off we go!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh Nandu, What Have We Done?

Promise is promise. Here's the Zenamon self titled LP from 1984. As you see in the image above it was released on Polydor.... so it's not mad rare but at the same time not easy to find. Though you will find a copy at a decent price maybe even before the recent run for it (caused by the appearance of one song of this LP in a Harvey mix) is over. The whole LP has really not much to do with dance music (imho) as some may want to think. It's actually pretty mellow and also "folky" at times. Music lovers into Balearic will find reasons to call parts of it balearic as well. Anyway - when I listen to music I don't mind too much about categories - I just listen and I'm happy when the music touches me and that 's how I got to appreciate this LP. Bought it because of the fancy cover and didn't expect a bit when listening to it for the first time. Some years ago I didn't really listen to a lot of that kinda "esoteric" ; ) stuff but I somehow liked it instantly and to my surprise it got better and better. I hope I'm not ruining your first time listening by these here words. I just want to add: Don't expect too much, take your time - maybe it works.


ps. I hope it will be reissued sometime soon

Meda DJ - Amazing Space Vol.3

We @ the growing bin are really happy to supply you with a superb mix by a highly acclaimed Italo and Cosmic Disco expert - DJ MEDA. If you're into weird spatial synths and driving basses - Volume 3 of the Amazing Space Mixes is the thing for you. We have an option on Volume 4, so post comments galore please......