Monday, December 27, 2010

Software Sunrise

Here we have Brüning von Alten's Sunrise Orchestra with the "Malata Suite" LP. No year indicated on cover or label, but from the cat# I'm guessing this would have been released in 1984 or 1985 on Software. Software Music seems to be a guarantee for good music. I don't know a single bad record from this label (must admit I never heard this one). There's an ealier release buy these guys that I don't know yet but I hope to obtain it soon....
The album starts off with 10 minutes of some fine afro cuban jazz. Lots of percussions of course, beautiful piano and some real nice horns too. A2 is all about percussion. Voodoo! Side B kicks off with african fusion in "Latsemanja". I'm unsure about the chanting but hey, the guys obviously had'll also find some relaxed moments on side 2. In one case (B2 "Lady U." with some great guitar shreds ; ) it's awesome - in fact my fave on this LP. The other one is kind of - ahhemm - okay (B3 "For Christina" - stewardess on the Love Boat, I guess). I have thought about leaving it out, but I have done that before and got rewarded with comments on the missing track only. Bloody completists!! For the closing track we return to the heart of africa with the "Kalabash Song". Everybody bring your calabash.....


As a follow up to Cesare's post here's more of the fantastic Monika Linges and her quartet. All killer, no filler and in my humble opinion nothing less than Kitty and Raffaela - even prices for og copies are affordable compared to the expensive ladies just mentioned. Cheers!


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Orbital Star

Not without a good portion of melancholy I am posting this wonderful & romantically rare album. Just recently friend of the bin Jamie tried to contact Li Garattoni after finding this LP and had to find out she had already passed away in 2004 - far too early. When he told me I had to think of one track from this LP - "Orbital Star". It might be a nice thing to think of Li Garattoni as a star orbiting around earth now. I hardly know anything about her (well, her sign was Taurus), but her lyrics and music touched me and when I listen to it she's still here......

buy it, buy it, buy it

Please be so kind and save me from further reup requests. you can buy most of the tunes officially and the money goes to her family.....

Thursday, December 16, 2010

and another one - the joy of cooking #4

our little friend in the pic is now eaten by psyched out squirrels and the remains are covered with snow. HERE's the joy of cooking #4

This one's pretty much "growing bin" style : ) and finally heeeere's the almost complete tracklist:

01. Gaya – Intro
# the german copy of this wonderful LP is slightly different from the french original
Iskander –
Eltneg Tnaig
# private german prog. read the title backwards ; )
Christian Chevalier – Signature

# you spotted a Doom sample? Mee too
Roland Kovac Set –
# keepin the library vibe
Adrian Wagner –
Virgins Of The Sun
# this one's coming from his Inca LP. Very nice record!
Gaya – Allo Atchoum
# also from the german copy, but this does not differ...
07. Joel VDB – Chipland Liquids
# another track from a Colorsound library - a raibow in your record shelf : )
Secret Ströer

# No, I'm not telling the secret!
World Guarantee Ochestra – Boroboro Woman

# a danish group. very interesting and by what I know by now - ALL KILLER
10. Mamadeus – Omenom
# Mamadeus is a group of dutch classically trained musicians and you hear that...
Shlomo Bat Ain - Azure Treasure
# I discovered this artist recently and must admit I'm quite happy about finding him.
Azure Treasure is a wonderful piece of Balearic Jazz IMO

12. International Music System - Mojave
# it is hidden between these electro cuts on the LP
Ned Doheny - I got your number

# mmmmh
General - Come ALone
# this one's coming from an hungarian soundtrack called "Kenguru". should be easy to find in Hungary

Hans Haider - Spanish Autumn
# coming from a nice Selected Sound library
16. ??
G. B. Beckers - September Flight / A Spanish Funeral

# the record was recorded in an art exhibition. It is called "Instead of Painting"
Richard Bartz - Kepler's Law

Finis Africae
- Los Genoveses
# I was in a record shop with a friend and had already paid. He was still listening to some records, so I strolled a bit through the store again and found this record that i've never seen or heard of before. I just tried it and knew immediately it was the best record I found in 5 days of digging .....
Nabatov String Gang & Percussion – Clave For Collin

# for the jazz heads: John Betsch involved.......

"The debut of Simon Nabatov is a great surprise... Not only four musicians communicating here - whole galaxies are dissolving into one another with fireworks and extravagant abundance"
H. Wagner, Stereoplay, November 1989

21. L'Art de Passage - Groovin Too

# open minded world jazz from East Germany 1989
. Should not be too difficult to find...
Jan Schaeffer –
Hot Sand
# from "
Blue Bridges And Red Waves"
23. Monika Linges – Running away
# that's what I call a record - all good!
Wutrio – Hello Hoeppel

# this one's tough to find. One of my favourite german scat jazz tracks.....
George Duke – For Love (I come your friend)

# if you happen to read this: Thanks, Man!

Monday, December 13, 2010

the joy of cooking tea - update

a little later than broadcasted here is November's Joy of cooking.


The Joy Of Cooking Tea:

01. "Music is The Healing Force Of The Universe" by Double X Project
02. "Wings Across The Sea" by Illusion
03. "Life Beyond The Darkness" by Sensations' Fix (thanks, Hatchback - thanks, Zeroy)
04. "La Voglio Di" by Mauro Pelosi
05. "Aspiring Answer" by Surya
06. "Una Splendida Emicrania" by Radar (thanks, Alexis)
07. "Born In Borneo" by Ken Dang (thanks, Tako)
08. "Born Loser" by Men Vision (thanks, Mitch)
09. "Basic" by Bostro Pesopeo
10. "..." by ,,,
11. "Are you ready" by The Equals (thanks, Paul, for the copy)
12. "Time To Let You Down" by Session Victim
13. "Out Of The Storm" by Incognito / Carl Craig Remix
14. "..." by ,,,
15. "..." by Joan Bibiloni
16. "Love Song" by Ralf Moufang
17. "Dreams" by Byrdland
18. "The Mollusk" by Ween (thanks Felipe oder Tobi)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweet Beginnings

If you like wonderful music go to and listen to Tako's "Sweet Beginnings"