Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brenner's Offering

Vytas Brenner and his band, Ofrenda, released this lp in 1975. Jayeche was an amazingly progressive record for mid 70s in terms of instrumentation. Vytas is playing his usual array of electric pianos and synthesizers, but there is also a string ensemble in the mix as well as a digital sequencer. Guitarist Pablo Manavello has added guitar synthesizer to his mix of guitars and mandolins, and drummer, Iván Velásquez, is playing moog drums. Jayeche is a mix of Prog/Jazz fusion and Venezuelan percussion. Bassist Carlos Acosta and percussionist brothers, Chu and Nene Quintero, complete Ofrenda.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cosmic Keys

Here is one of my favorite records from Jean-Pierre Decerf. He recorded 2 promotional lps for Pema Music, which is a Chicago 2000 sub, in 1978 and 1979. This was the first. As with most library releases there is no info on musicians who contributed their talents (substantial on this one) to the recordings. The main sound on Keys of Future is synthesizers. There is also some splendid drumming and the occasional Floydian guitar.

Keys of Future

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Cesare!

Sinceri auguri di buon compleanno! Here's some "tropical" music for you against the cold! (just looked it up and it seems like you are still having 12° Celcius down there : )
Discofil's Petr and Pavl Orm are collaborating with singers Kamelie and the outcome is some sweet and at times pretty cheesy disco and some more progressive tracks. It's not really easy to resist their charms.....


Cheers, Basso

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Minus 11° Celcius finally

February Faves by Fasso

This one's from earlier this year when it was still cold.
Heard it this morning and it felt alright.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Space Racer

1981 and it's time for another go at solo Mythos. This time Stephan Kaske is fully on his own. The sound on Grand Prix has drifted into synthpop territory but still with a spacey edge. Pretty much an even mix of vocal and instrumental tracks and we get another robot themed song with Robot Secret Agents. Kaske is playing synthesizers, flute, tenor sax on one song and covering vocals, some with vocoder. And this time the drums are fully automated. Gentlemen, start your engines . . .

Monday, December 14, 2009

Space Waves

Mythos became a solo project with the release of Quasar. Last two records before this were by a quartet and the two before that by a trio. Stephan Kaske was always in the band playing multiple instruments including flute, guitar and synthesizers and usually vocals on vocal tracks. Kaske added vocoders to the list with this release which often gets scathing reviews from Prog Purists who accuse him of adopting a new wave sound. The sound is very different but to my ears better than the 2 predecessors. As usual he is playing flute and guitar but the main sound seems to be Moog, Arp, Roland and Korg synthesizers. Spacier than most of the new wavers of the time; more SpaceWave. Markus Worbs played drums and percussion on Nurse Robot and the last four tracks on side b. Stephan Kaske used a drum computer for the rest.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Melchior, Caspar and Balthasar tonight!!

Tonight 20.00 GMT (21.00 Paris-Berlin) - the three kings from the east provide a mix in 3 parts (Myrrh, Gold and Frankinsense) praising Disco Jesus and his Cosmic Connections on deepfrequency.com

Have fun!

If you missed it - check the archives - there's such a lot of beautiful music!

To prove that I'm not a secretist, but a lazy swine
Wolfgang Dauner, Martin Kolbe & Ralf Illenberger - Fun Tango
Roland Bocquet - Paradia
Ramuntcho Matta - Zoique
Ralph Lundsten & Andromeda All Stars - Lifetide
Neil Ardley - Towards Tranquility

Latul - New Morning
Black Blowing Flowers - Funky Waltz
Djamel Allam - forgot the name but it's on the white foldout one
Stephan Witwer - Der Rechte Weg
Velvet Universe - Enigmatic Night
Connie Schnitzler - Tanzen im regen
Shoc Corridor - Travelling By Hand
Miha Kralj - Odyssey
Fra Lippo Lippi - First track A or B on the LP on Uniton. Their first.
last one is from some US private folk lp that i don't remember the name or whereabouts in the chaos ... too much frankinsense in my youth

Southwest F.O.B - The Smell of insense
Probably a recent find
Thirsty Moon – Big City
Between – Katakomben
Jeff Liberman -Transformation

Cheers, Basso

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dark Side of Von Deyen

First time a friend played this lp for me I thought I was hearing some newly discovered set of lost tunes from the Floyd circa '71 or thereabouts. But this was a newish session recorded by Adelbert Von Deyen in 1981. Uwe Johannsen's guitar has such a Gilmouresque quality and Von Deyen's vocals fit the Pink Floyd mold as well as Gilmour, Waters, or Wright's. The lyrics lean toward the darker side; sounds like Adelbert wasn't happy with the direction society was moving. 1981; who can blame him?
Von Deyen: Keyboards, synthesizers, acoustic guitar, vocals and sound effects
Uwe Johannsen: Electric Guitar
Zabba Lindner: Drums and percussion


Monday, December 7, 2009

Boulevard In Space

I have a soft spot for everything grotesque and Ralph Lundsten's music suits me more than just fine. Love it love it love it. The mix of fairytale and horror illustrated by lovely synths and laidback drums is pure heaven IMO. Hope you'll enjoy it too! Here's Alpha Ralpha Boulevard from 1979. Don't forget to have a look at the master's studio here.

And if you like that kinda stuff - check out Cosmic Connections on DeepFrequency.com this thursday ; ) Cheers, Basso

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Some cosmic synth action from 1982. Age were a Belgian band who released 2 lps on Gamm Record. Dimension was their second. Brothers Marc Vachaudez on drums and percussion and Guy Vachaudez playing synthesizers, and Emmanuel D'Heayere also on synths. The music is similar in style to Peru and Future World Orchestra with a bit of a La Düsseldorf sound in places.



This lp was released in 1979 on Jeff Fuller's Quandrangle Records label. Guitarist Tony Purrone is now listed as leader on this date though the sleeve notes with the record make the point that there is no leader on this session. All three members are leaders and each contributed 2 compositions. With three composers the music gets around and covers styles as diverse as neo bop, psyche funk, jazz rock fusion, and modal jazz.
Tony Purrone - Guitars
Jeff Fuller - Basses
Frank Bennett - Drums


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kis Rákfogó & Füsti Balogh - Együttes

another big score from Gianni aka Cesare - here

Kis Rákfogó & Füsti Balogh Együttes -
LP Krem [SLPX 17692] (1982)


Lakatos Anlal - tenor sax
Füsti Balogh Gábor - electric piano
Kunu László - bass
Lakatos László - drums
Deli László - congas
Kegye János - sax soprano, alto sax

Igor Savin i Orkestar Stank Selata - Yu Disco Express (1979 Jugoton)

First of all a huge THANK YOU to Slobodan aka DJ Brka for contributing this excellent piece of Yu Disco! It's pretty much a monster and I hope you guys enjoy it to the max. Cheers!

Now here's some more info I copied from Discogs:


U Mukama Rođena

Noćni Klub

Pod Prozorom

YU Disco Express

Folk Sinteza

Let Malog Erosa


Bass - Mladen Baraković
Drums - Petar Petej-Peco*
Electric Guitar - Ante Mažuran
Engineer - Mladen Rukavec
Flute, Flute [Bass], Saxophone [Tenor] - Miroslav Sedak - Benčić
Photography - B. Dučić
Producer - Vanja Lisak*
Synthesizer [Arp, Korg, Polymoog I, Roland Expander], Sequenced By [Roland], Electric Piano [Fender], Piano, Congas, Percussion, Arranged By - Igor Savin
Technician [Sound] - Branko Podbrežnički
Trombone [I] - Radmilo Maslovarić
Trombone [Ii] - Herbert Stenzel
Trumpet [I] - Stanko Selak
Trumpet [Ii] - Marijan Domić
Trumpet [Iii] - Stanko Brihta*
Written-By - Igor Savin (tracks: A1, A3, B1 to B3) , Narodna* (tracks: A2, A4, B4)

Expressway to Belgrade

First of all a huge THANK YOU to Slobodan aka DJ Brka for contributing this excellent piece of Yu Disco! It's pretty much a monster and I hope you guys enjoy it to the max. Cheers!

Now here's some more info I copied from Discogs:

Bass - Mladen Baraković
Drums - Petar Petej-Peco*
Electric Guitar - Ante Mažuran
Engineer - Mladen Rukavec
Flute, Flute [Bass], Saxophone [Tenor] - Miroslav Sedak - Benčić
Photography - B. Dučić
Producer - Vanja Lisak*
Synthesizer [Arp, Korg, Polymoog I, Roland Expander], Sequenced By [Roland], Electric Piano [Fender], Piano, Congas, Percussion, Arranged By - Igor Savin
Technician [Sound] - Branko Podbrežnički
Trombone [I] - Radmilo Maslovarić
Trombone [Ii] - Herbert Stenzel
Trumpet [I] - Stanko Selak
Trumpet [Ii] - Marijan Domić
Trumpet [Iii] - Stanko Brihta*
Written-By - Igor Savin (tracks: A1, A3, B1 to B3) , Narodna* (tracks: A2, A4, B4)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chalky & Trends

Just rediscovered a mix from last year's autumn that I made to sweeten my working hours. I didn't hear it for some months now and when it came up in the player last week it didn't hurt my ears at all. Maybe one or two of you can enjoy it too.

PS. Don't expect DISCO, we're talking about autumn....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Return of the Ninth Planet

Pluto is Petter Espen Guthe, a Norwegian composer and multi-instrumentalist. He produced 2 records in the early 80s, Voyage into a Dreamer's Mind in 1980 and Ouverture in 1982. On both lps he was aided by Gunnar Berg-Nielsen on drums and percussion. Rune Mangen and Wenche Kjærstad helped with lyrics and vocals on Voyage. Jomar Johansen played synthesizers and saxophone and Knut Meyn played flute on Ouverture. 10 tracks on each lp. Both on Strawberry Records a Norwegian label.

Voyage into a Dreamer's Mind
and Ouverture

Monday, November 2, 2009

Madness is different....

Here's some more private german jazzrock from the early 80s. Glatter Wahnsinn's self titled LP on Anvil Records from 1980. In big demand because of Samba La Bamba. The rest of the tracks are really great too and if you can take a little fusion you'll have lotsa fun with it. I'm having fun with the keyboard work especially. It makes up for the sax (can't stand saxophones....)


PS. Glatter Wahnsinn roughly translates Total Madness

Sunday, November 1, 2009

why on earth did it fall from the rack?

Sound Factory Inc. - Airport International (1977? Drive In)
You see that slightly bend corner. That's what you get when you can't compete with gravitation. Next time I'll be having a glass less... Anyway the record still is incredibly nice and shiny and the music is more than nice stuff. Library funk with strong use of horns. The trombone rocks the house imo. I found out recently that the Sound Factory Inc. is actually the Second Direction crew and went on to search for the rip of my copy of "Airport International". It's almost of the same quality as the beautiful long tracks of my deeply adored Four Corners LP, but still very listenable. Check out Discogs for details.
Cheers, Basso


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sezon Dozhdei - Return

Sezon Dozhdei are a Russian space prog band originally formed in St. Petersburg in 1979. Multi-instrumentalist Maksim Pshenichnyi joined the band in 1984 and they recorded their first record in 1988. By the time this lp was recorded in 1992, Pshenichnyi and the drummer/percussionist, Alexei Petrov were the only full time members left. They were joined on this session by Alex Zubarev on guitar and flute, Maksim Kuznetsov on 'free guitar' and Rinaldo on vocals for the last track. The music moves between quiet ambient passages and intense sections with Floydian guitar solos and synthesizer flights. The songs are primarily instrumental with wordless vocals adding an extra dimension on a couple tracks.

Track list:
Side A
1. Запахи Леcа (Smells of the Forest)
2. К чиcтой воде (Fresh Water)
Side B
1. Красная ночь (Red Night)
a) Часть 1 (Part 1)
b) Часть 2 (Part 2)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Faster Than Sound!

Another Massiera and Torelli gem. The guys were pretty active back then. Find the details here. Once you downloaded the LP you'll be missing track B2. I didn't rip it because I couldn't stand it and still can't! But I think those of you who dig some good "space disco not space disco" stuff will be pretty happy with the rest of it anyway...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Shit, I forgot the Mascara.....

Info here.
Music here.
Rating: I rather cry Golden Tears than use cosmetical producs like eyeliners, etc...


Brave New World

Brave New World - Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley (1972 Vertigo).
A kraut fave over here! Instead of finding some words on this release I decided to copy the fantastic review marcelrecords wrote over at the LPs discogs entry on May 20, 2009

"Yes, this must be a concept album, at least according to the title, but not much inside the grooves conveys a Huxleyan atmosphere. Although the brainchild of OBrien, who wrote or co-wrote all the material, the main ingredient is the truly magical flute of Geller, who can produce any style imaginable and does so convincingly, too.
A sad recorder over solemn organ in Prologue slowly gives way to the warm sound patterns of Alpha, a versatile piece of jazzy rock and leading to passages with experimental use of different tape speeds. Lenina is very serene with a narration and multi-voiced flutes, while Soma is krautrock in the best of traditions with long guitar improvisations over a floor of organ. Almost early Pink Ployd, but with the unusual sound of an embedded flexatone. And there is Malpais Corn Dance, an unlikely track that sounds like folk music played by Martians.
Side B is dominated by the long suite The End (nothing to do with The Doors, of course) which pulls all stops. Wistful wind, English horn, ocarina, double-tracked recorders, sombre monks choirs, Scottish percussion, wild electric guitars, heavy synths, cascading saxes, soft-horror, well anything almost, but somehow forged into a meaningful whole, that can hardly be compared with anything else we have heard. Krautrock in its best form, an at times almost magical record!"

Be sure to scroll way down for some more Herb Geller!

cheers, Basso

link removed! 600 downloads and 1 comment is a slap in the face.

If you come here and don't find a link say thank you to those leechers.

I won't upp this again

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nicest use of the label on the cover art, huh?

First of all I want to promise to post some non-Kraut LPs in the future....
But for now another german gem called Jonathan. The same titled LP dates from 1978 and was released on Heinz Ulm's AAR first and later (soonish) rereleased on Bellaphon.
Jonathan consists of 2 basic members - Peter Garrattoni (Nexus, Euenspygel) on drums and Helmut Grab (Matter Of Taste) on the keys and electronics.
Back cover says they were accompagnied by Emil Wirth playing bass on Funky's Visit and Uli Buehl playing a Roland synth on Raising Winds, Fender Rhodes on Waters and Grand Piano on Moved Earth.

Here's the complete tracklist:
A1 Li Song (5:49)
A2 Raising Winds (3:47)
A3 Funky's Visit (4:13)
A4 Waters (2:58)
B1 Moved Earth (5:17)
B2 Stormy Days (8:20)
B3 Melotary (4:14)

I really love the combination of live drums and synths in this atmospheric and proggy album. Maybe you will too once you got it here


Sunday, September 20, 2009

the old man's journey into the unknown

Here's one of those disco LPs that never gets boring. Good sign for a true classic.
Methusalem's "Journey into the unknown" also released as Empire "Self Titled".
Ralf Nowy, who played and produced a bunch of great & partially funky progressive Kraut LPs, is to be held responsible for this nugget. Trevor Bastow pleases us with some fantastic spatial Keyboard work! And the rhythm section - PURE BUST. Enjoy!



Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Follow My Dream

Follow My Dream seems to be SBB's most popular lp. This one was released in 1978 on the German Spiegelei/Intercord (sunny side up) label. 2 tracks broken into 4 parts.

Side 1: Going Away
a) Freedom With Us
b) 3rd Reanimation
c) Going Away
d) (Zywiec) Mountain Melody

Side 2: Follow My Dream
a) Wake Up
b) In The Cradle Of Your Hands (Song For Father)
c) Growin'
d) Follow My Dream

Josef Skrzek : Keyboards, Harmonica, and Vocals
Jerzy Piotrowski : Drums and Percussion
Apostolis Antimos : Guitar

Follow My Dream

Monday, September 7, 2009


Here's Yan Tregger' Bloodnight from 1982.
I posted several of the tunes over @ the Dream Chimney's Track of the day - all from Side A which is the discoish of the both. The second side is the horror! I must admit I have not seen any of Lucio Fulcio's movies, but I think I will do in the future...
Get your popcorn and fake blood and enjoy the LP here


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rolf Trostel - Der Prophet

This is my first contribution to The Growing Bin. I hope you enjoy it.
Der Prophet was Rolf Trostel's 3rd lp and was released in 1982 on the Norwegian Uniton Records label. 6 tracks:
Side 1:
1. Der Prophet
2. Digital Track
3. Individual Destiny

Side 2:
1. New Age of Intelligence
2. Town Dreamer
3. Sehnsucht

Der Prophet

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amazing Space Vol. 4

and here we have volume 4 of Meda's amazing amazing space mixes.
Thanks a lot, Meda!!


Amazing Space Vol. 4

Monday, August 17, 2009

Brute Reason Ripping Season

At least this here LP has not been posted yet, or has it? Anyway - another really excellent album by Bernard Szajner used to be available here and is now waiting for you to buy it somehwere....

PS of course this one has also been posted. Big up to France Musik. Go there immediately. It's a hell of a place!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sandworms vs Earworms

Zed - Visions Of Dune (1979 Initial Recordings)

As far as Discogs knows this is Bernard Szajner's first LP. It is inspired by Frank Herbert's science fiction novel "Dune" and it's a trip! Two side-long tracks that take you to Arrakis and beyond. Have a nice flight!

PS. If you like this check out Szajner's later works

PPS. MAN! Everything is up here already. This LP has already been posted on almighty Mutant Sounds. At least I added some pictures.... Seems like I have to rip Brute Reason now

What the Thunk?

.... and another pretty cosmic library. This time from Great Britain. A little more heroic / epic sounds than on the superb Sauveur Mallia LP posted by Cesare but still very listenable.... off we go!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh Nandu, What Have We Done?

Promise is promise. Here's the Zenamon self titled LP from 1984. As you see in the image above it was released on Polydor.... so it's not mad rare but at the same time not easy to find. Though you will find a copy at a decent price maybe even before the recent run for it (caused by the appearance of one song of this LP in a Harvey mix) is over. The whole LP has really not much to do with dance music (imho) as some may want to think. It's actually pretty mellow and also "folky" at times. Music lovers into Balearic will find reasons to call parts of it balearic as well. Anyway - when I listen to music I don't mind too much about categories - I just listen and I'm happy when the music touches me and that 's how I got to appreciate this LP. Bought it because of the fancy cover and didn't expect a bit when listening to it for the first time. Some years ago I didn't really listen to a lot of that kinda "esoteric" ; ) stuff but I somehow liked it instantly and to my surprise it got better and better. I hope I'm not ruining your first time listening by these here words. I just want to add: Don't expect too much, take your time - maybe it works.


ps. I hope it will be reissued sometime soon

Meda DJ - Amazing Space Vol.3

We @ the growing bin are really happy to supply you with a superb mix by a highly acclaimed Italo and Cosmic Disco expert - DJ MEDA. If you're into weird spatial synths and driving basses - Volume 3 of the Amazing Space Mixes is the thing for you. We have an option on Volume 4, so post comments galore please......


Danke Meda!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I hear the grass growing

Folks, let's yodel! Here you have Grassella Oliphant's 2nd LP. Grassella on Drums is accompagnied by Major Holley on Bass, Grant Green on Guitar, almighty John Patton on the Organ, Clark Terry on Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trumpet [Pocket] and Harold Ousley on Tenor Sax. Get yourself a "Rapid shave". This great album is out on CD incl. Grassella's First "Grass Roots". Go out and buy it now!



I was uploading a zip already when I thought about checking if this has been posted before. And of course it has! That's almost 3 years ago now, but the link seems to be working still ..... so I'd like to lead you to a great blog À bientôt j'espère.
I really like this LP. It's a bit different from Giorgio Moroder's later output...... you will enjoy it!