Sunday, September 20, 2009

the old man's journey into the unknown

Here's one of those disco LPs that never gets boring. Good sign for a true classic.
Methusalem's "Journey into the unknown" also released as Empire "Self Titled".
Ralf Nowy, who played and produced a bunch of great & partially funky progressive Kraut LPs, is to be held responsible for this nugget. Trevor Bastow pleases us with some fantastic spatial Keyboard work! And the rhythm section - PURE BUST. Enjoy!




Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

yes, a real classic!

thank you Basso

Anonymous said...

Best with the operation & revalidation ... Small question : Stereo Total once spoke to me about a German lp by or titled "Progressive Disco" ... you guys familiar with it ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Basso!!
A masterpiece Kraut!!

Anonymous said...

massive! thanks basso!

BCR said...


tim mosquito said...

never knew this was trevor bastow! classic release...!

professor said...

Thanks for this and all the other great music on yr blog. Very inspiring!

Prof Genius

Mars said...

Recorded right before Bowie cut 'heroes' at Hansa at The Wall!