Saturday, November 3, 2007

Round trip to the black forest

A little something for the Easy-Bossa-Party. Unfortunately
i sold my original Center copy. Fortunately it went to Japan
and is probably well looked after. Cheers, Basso

Please buy the recent Sonorama Reissue. It features some
incredible Non-LP tracks!

Sincerely P.T.

As promised and then requested here's one of my favourite
german Jazz lps - Peter Trunk's "Sincerely P.T." released on
the tiny Aamok sublabel of Spiegelei Records in 1973.
For information about Mr. Trunk please ask Wikipedia,
they know him there. I knew his name from some
Doldinger LPs and the beautiful "Ultra Native" by Bora Rokovic
on MPS. When i realized that "Soft hands had the rain" from
Rokovic's album is also featured on this lp here i was willing
to pay whatever they wanted. Took me some time to find it

Rest in peace, Peter Trunk and thank you very much!!!!

Manfred Schoof, tp
Shake Keane, flh
Jiggs Whigham, tb
Jasper van't Hof, keyboards
Siegfried Schwab, git + tarang
Curt Cress, dr
Joe Nay, dr + perc
Peter Trunk, b-g

recorded 1973 in Studio 70 , Munich