Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Benoit Hutin - Synthétiseur

Benoit Hutin - WM 006, 1982 - Synthétiseur

With my head usually firmly stuck up the library end of music, I do occasionally rip other stuff. And what better place to share it than on The Growing Bin? Thanks to the team for letting me do so! Hope you'll enjoy the music :)

Having heard Benoit Hutin's fine contributions to the elusive librarylabel, Musax, I've been looking for his stuff. I found a somewhat battered copy of his 1982 debut album, and was happy to discover some fine electronic music so typically French; catchy and fittingly pompous. They must have added something to the tap water back then, enjoy!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the growing team

Hi folks, we're growing!
Ptrond from Bergen / Norway who runs the amazing DUSTY SHELF library blog will be contributing non library lps to the growing bin from now on. First post follows hard......

WELCOME Ptrond - Thanks for joining the team!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

the joy of cooking

another show of the "The Joy Of Cooking" is now archived and waiting for you. should appeal to people who like synths, guitars, good vibes and deep shit. It starts rather mellow and misty but turns out to be fun in the end ; ) It's not over, folks!

Finally here's the tracklist for July's show of cooking:

Ex Ovo Pro - Blue Time
Guardino De Faro - I Only Have Eyes For You
Rao Kyao - Sete Didades
Clint Housto - You Are The Sunlight
Jose Rogerio - Nocturbis
Sioux - Backdoor Samba
Ambi & Arno - Sunshine's Back
Prince - In Love
La Toya Jackson - Camp Kuchi Kaiai
Elis Regina - Agnus Sei
Wütrio - Hallo Höppel
Derdiyoklar Ali - Liebe Gabi
Ray Lynch - Cooking Till It's Hot
Trust - It's Not Over

cheers, Basso

Saturday, July 16, 2011


A long time after "Airport International" from the amazing Sound Factory Inc. has been posted here "Night Shift" finally follows. According to the info on the cover we're writing 1979 and the discobeat found his way into the Factory's grooves. Guessing from the sound "Airport" should be a few years older, 1975-1976 maybe... but back to 1979 - the Sound Factory Inc.'s sound is a little les focussed on trombone but they are still playing excellent Jizz Funk with Fritz Münzer laying down these lovely flute grooves. Even the infamous Rainer Pusch is doing his thing on saxophone here... on the keys Pit Löw, also known as P. L. (!)
The Sound Factory Inc. changed their name to "House-Band" in 1982 and recorded at least 3 library LPs in the following years. These will pop up here some time ..... just like the link for your Nightshift.

P.S. Doesn't the "Limehouse Groover" really sound like a Reith composition?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vytas Offers More

First of all big thanks to Zeroy, Tako and Abel. Without them I probably still wouldn't have heard about Vytas Brenner and his music. In the last 3 years I have spent quite a bit of time and that other stuff trying to get hold of his complete LP catalogue and I yet didn't succeed. There's quite a few LPs he made.... and amazingly all that I got to know by now are excellent. Here's a special one "Ofrenda" from 1978. You might call this Psychedelic Jazz Funk. But first listen ......

info here

cheers, Basso


Friday, July 8, 2011

may I lead you here??

Hi folks, I just found a real nice blog with tons of great japanese music.
Thought you'll be finding something lovely for your ears there, too.
Cheers, Basso

Friday, July 1, 2011


Computer & Jazz - How does that sound to your ears?

Yep, that's what I thought too....  Austrian master bassist Adelhard Roidinger did probably receive some equipment sponsoring from ROLAND and offff he went. SH 101, Juno 106, MSQ 700, CMU 800, MFB 512, ...... some lovely little helpers, huh? With Peter Gröning on Drums and Gerhard Laber adding percussion he recorded 7 little gems of Future Jazz - back in 1984. The sound of the vinyl is amazing, just as all records on the small THEIN label from Bremen sound amazing. There really have been some enthusiasts at work. THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Cheers, Basso