Sunday, July 17, 2011

the joy of cooking

another show of the "The Joy Of Cooking" is now archived and waiting for you. should appeal to people who like synths, guitars, good vibes and deep shit. It starts rather mellow and misty but turns out to be fun in the end ; ) It's not over, folks!

Finally here's the tracklist for July's show of cooking:

Ex Ovo Pro - Blue Time
Guardino De Faro - I Only Have Eyes For You
Rao Kyao - Sete Didades
Clint Housto - You Are The Sunlight
Jose Rogerio - Nocturbis
Sioux - Backdoor Samba
Ambi & Arno - Sunshine's Back
Prince - In Love
La Toya Jackson - Camp Kuchi Kaiai
Elis Regina - Agnus Sei
Wütrio - Hallo Höppel
Derdiyoklar Ali - Liebe Gabi
Ray Lynch - Cooking Till It's Hot
Trust - It's Not Over

cheers, Basso