Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hearth Earth Heart

Hearth is one Innovative Communication lp that never made it onto cd. Who knows why, it's a very fine recording. It's also one of the vinyl albums that were intended to be played at 45 rpm. I decided to rip this at 33 because I often play it at that speed and have always enjoyed the slower sound and, of course, the much longer track durations. One thing about this record that makes it a standout in the Banfi discography is that he pulled in additional musicians rather than his usual solo outing. This music is played by a quartet featuring guitar, lots of slap bass and a very fine drummer, Bruno Bergonzi, who must have been one of busiest drummers throughout the 80s. Also, Baffo had bit of fun with the title on the labels. Side 1 reads "Heart" and side 2 reads "Earth".


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Serge Jazzmate - Baños De Sol

Kiew resident, music lover and DJ Serge Jazzmate is spoiling us with some more sunrays in late september. Since 2009 Serge is one of the residents of the LOW party series, one of the highlights of Ukranian Nightlife. His mixes have been spread all over the web including contributions to Noncollective, ANOE and Balearic Social .... to name a few. Finally he made one for the bin too : )
Thanks Serge!!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leon Lowman's Liquid Diamonds

Here 's the Reissue / Compilation of the year!
Made by the almighty Music From Memory / Red Light Records Crew!

just in case someone missed this compilation of impossible to find tunes by Leon Lowman by now - be quick, it's almost sold out. You still find copies at Relight Records Amsterdam, Rush Hour and at growing bin records though : )


Thursday, September 12, 2013

KoolMisterDJ - Levin And Black Haze Drifting

continuing with the mixes.................
this experimental mix comes from record collector and DJ Julian Sulz aka KoolMisterDJ from Munich. Into digging since the late nineties he nowadays focusses on obscure 45s, Italo, Cosmic and all things Synth. You'll find him on soundcloud too : )
The mix he kindly made for us is a psychedelic excursion into the cosmos - illustrating the dream journey of friends Levin and Black Haze.
Now get your spacship ready to fly.....


Monday, September 9, 2013

from aficionados for aficionados

just in case you haven not heard about this beauty - Nado 004 is out!!
Blissed balearic tunes by Joan Bibiloni and Coyote plus a remix by almighty Rune Lindbaek in company of Øyvind Blikstad.


PS. Thanks Moon!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Henri Aleksi - Closing Time In Mexico

the growing bin has been sent some lovely mixes in the last weeks and and I'm sorry that didn't yet manage to post these - until today!
so we're going to spoil you with 3 mixes in a row now - starting off with Henri Aleksi's Closing Time in Mexico.
Henri's a music lover from Helsinki. He's studying Portugese and Latin American studies - no surprise then that there's a lot of that wonderful south american organic sound in the mix. He mingles it with contemporary classical, blissful jazz, ambient and balearic tunes and creates an atmosphere that makes me want to set sails for the desert.....and blissfully drift away - LISTEN!

Thanks Henri!!

PS. more of his Sound here & here