Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here's the first in a row of older posts that I 'll rework & reup  in the next weeks / months - Büdi and Gumbl's Hmm... LP released 1983 on the excellent Biber label.
The amazing cover art exploded when I pulled the lp out from some shelf in my favourite record store. At that time I had only 3 records on Biber (Dadadogs, Lenny MacDowell, Ralf Illenberger's Circle) and was on the hunt for more, because these 3 are GREAT! I don't have to tell how pleasing it was to see the Biber logo and all those NAMES on the back cover.... Was ist die Zeit (transl. what is time) has been my fave on the LP for ages and you probably don't want to know but this track (and Dadadogs' Big Piece, Big Peace) are included in my Autumn Air mix for Chee's Musicwise series (last copies still available). 
But please let me tell you that the whole record is a bust! If you like humorous Ethno Jazz and you missed it the first time around check it out now......

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the joy of warming up the year's faves

the joy of cooking #25 - the joy of warming up the year's faves

#25 is made from tracks that I used in mixes throughout 2012. Be it shows of the joy of cooking or mixes i made for other websites, shops, people .... PLUS some tracks that i ALWAYS wanted to use but never managed to.....

Thanks a LOT to these lovely girls and guys hosting my mixes:
Guillaume and Simon / Deepfrequency: The joy of cooking
Chee / Organic Music: The Latest Fashion
Brka and Schwabe / Disco Not Disco: Morning Flight To Belgrade
Maricha / Higher Love: Lost In The Supermarket
Jonny Nash / LNCC: Shopping at LNCC

and finally here's my "faves" of 2012

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John Elder - Ma (Lost In The Supermarket)
Touch - Gethsemane (always wanted to have this in a mix since end of 2010)
Gigi Masin - Almanac (Lost In The Supermarket)
Queerbeet - Hypnos (Shopping at LNCC, The joy of shopping before cooking #22)
James Morisson - Pinnacles (The joy of cooking #?)
Tullio De Piscopo - Silva Mala (Morning Flight To Belgrade)
Country Joe McDonald - Breakfast For Two (Shopping at LNCC)
Dennis Lather - Modest Girl (The joy of roasting apples over the campfire #21)
Santiago - Don't Worry (always tried to find a decent place for this : )
Hiroshi Sato - Kalimba Night (The joy of cooking #?)
Kalimba 6 - Still On My Mind (The joy of shopping before cooking #22)
Metropolitans - All Our Stars (Lost In The Supermarket)
Tony Etoria - I Can Prove It (Shopping at LNCC)
Aragon - Horridula (the joy of enjoying japanese cuisine #19)
Small Pop Group - Love By Night (personal holy grail)
Dan Dare - Skyride (The joy of cooking #?)
Green Cosmos - Über dem Berg (The joy of cooking #16)
John Elder - And I Come Here (Morning Flight To Belgrade)
Bevan Manson - Metaphysical Rhumba (The Latest Fashion)

Cheers, Basso

Monday, February 18, 2013


      Philippe Besombes - Princess Lolita

    WTF? Give it a listen and see if you don't agree. In the late 70s the French label, Divox, approached Philippe Besombes about releasing an album of his music. Most of the tracks presented were experimental tracks for ballet, different films, etc. Divox wanted a "hit". Being the late 70s a hit would necessarily be in the disco vein as disco was pretty much ruling the airwaves and clubs. What Besombes delivered was Princess Lolita. Not exactly hit material, but fun none the less. The male vocals are slowed way down and the female vocals are sped up to the point of sounding like a cartoon. Cesi est Cela featured 4 tracks from Besombes' archives and the 'hit'. The album was reissued 35 years later on CD with 6 bonus tracks and Princess Lolita was included as the first track but was given the number 0. Very confusing to most CD players, so the track is pretty much skipped. That's probably the way Philippe Besombes intended it to be.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Seekmagic - Treasure of Secrets

Time for another guest mix!
This time we proudly present Seekmagic's Nick Cubley from Newcastle upon Tyne /UK. He began the lovely seekmagic blog back in 2009 as a means of putting his mixes out on the internet after friends told him they were worthy of a wider audience (AND OH YES,  THEY ARE!) 
"Treasure of secrets" is a true reflection of the music Nick plays at the Seekmagic nights. He hosts these together with his friends Dave Lovenbury and Danny Potts. Check them guys out on the last saturday of every month, at their spiritual home in the city, The Tanners Arms
But first listen to his wonderful laid back mix ....

Thanks a lot Nick!