Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Abel - Basic Instincts

The growing bin presents "Basic Instincts" by dutch connaisseur, collector, DJ and producer of some of the nicest edits around - Abel Nagengast.
We're damn happy to host another of Abel's all amazing mixes. This blend of 70s electronics, psychedelic rock, ethno jams and deepest disco grooves comes as deep as it gets. THANKS A TON, Abel!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Drum & Synth II

Hip Address is David Earle Johnson's third album as a leader and the second with Jan Hammer in the keyboards chair. I would rate this one maybe half a notch behind Time is Free, his first. As usual Johnson is playing an amazing array of percussion toys (and sounding like a one man batucada section), Jan Hammer is hammering (literally) out the melodies and Jeremy Steig is guesting on flute on tracks A5, B2, and B3. This record also features several vocal tracks which as usual are a showcase for Johnson's wit and Zappaesque delivery.

Bag it

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nostro Gusto: Susto

Here's one of the finds from our honeymoon in Japan. That trip wouldn't have been possible without the help from my friend Chee, who also supplied me with some great japanese goodies. Have a look at his shop. He's offering some amazing records there  : )
This particular record here has been posted at other blogs before as i detected some minutes ago, so I gladly give props to Post Miles and JJ's Jazz & Such. But I recorded the record to share it and that's what i do now.
Enjoy some amazing postmilesian Fusion, if you please.

Info here / more affordable copies / link in comments.

Cheers, Basso

PS. Produced by Kiyoshi Itoh in association with James Mason for Urban Bush Music, Inc.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

the joy of cooking the last potato soup this winter

Last weeks joy of cooking is archived and ready for downloads and streams. It is including tracks by Spiritual Beauty, The Doubling Riders, Delay Tactics, Haruomi Hosono, Dunkelziffer, Rockers Hifi, Pere Soto Group, etc.....
Check it out!

Direct link to the show

the guy at the pots

Best webradio ever

cheers, Basso

PS. Don't miss the cover of Spiritual Beauty's "Blue China" LP