Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seltene Elemente

diese Elements are ruling hard over here atm…
cheers, Basso

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Desperate Pleasures

I was just listening to this awesome EP by Tornado Wallace on Beats In Space and had to share these subtropic ambient disco pleasures with you. cheers, Basso

some private pressing things

see and listen here - thanks Jiro Bevis for hosting me!!
cheers, Basso

Friday, November 8, 2013

that funky feeling

Here's some nice german boogie from the late 80s released on the private? Plurabelle label. I discovered this record some years ago and nobody really cared about this until some weeks ago some french Boogie Dealers declared this to some kind of holy grail. Too bad that I ran out of copies ;)

here's a youtube preview

link in comments….

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Instant Peterson & Andras Fox - Southern Shores

we have a new guest mix!
it's amazing and completely down under. Instant Peterson aka Lewis and Andras Fox aka Andy Wilson are blessing us with unheard songs exclusively from Australia and New Zealand. So many beauties in there... it makes me want to scream or simply go get the next "last minute flight" down under and file every record shop, thrift store, flea market or simply these 2 guys' record collections. You might know them from art exhibitions or strange holiday radio or noise in my head or you have heard Andras' amazing tunes. But you haven't heard this mix so go ahead and listen in amazement ....

Thanks Andy and Lew!!!

and here's the tracklist:

1. Intro (AUS)
2. Drouyn - Thursday Song (AUS)
3. Maiden Australia - Knowing That You're There (AUS)
4. Doug Ashwood - Leave Love Enough Alone (AUS)
5. The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast - Illuminated Bay, Illuminated Buoy(AUS)
6. Moving Lines 1 - Enchantment (NZ)
7. 3 Voices - Thunder on the Mountain (NZ)
8. Sea People - I Remember When She Had Jesus (AUS)
9. Megan Sue Hicks - Hey, can you come out and play (AUS)
10. Hiroshi and Claudia - Beats in the depth (AUS)
11. Nights in Shining - Surfing Reggae (AUS)
12. Asphixiation - Aural Risk (AUS)
13. Broderick Smith - Here Comes Trouble (AUS)
14. Hiroshi - Moonlight Dream (AUS)
15. Drouyn - Morning Comes The Sun (AUS)
16. Sam Green & The Time Machine - For The Ocean (AUS)
17. Equal Local - 12 Ways To Go (AUS)
18. Upper Hutt Posse - Stormy Weather (NZ)
19. Metronomes - 18 Creature (AUS)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Merge - Long Distance LP PRESALE


our first record is being pressed these days and will arrive around
october 24th. there will be no more than 420 copies worldwide ...
you can preorder here:



Cheers, Basso

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hearth Earth Heart

Hearth is one Innovative Communication lp that never made it onto cd. Who knows why, it's a very fine recording. It's also one of the vinyl albums that were intended to be played at 45 rpm. I decided to rip this at 33 because I often play it at that speed and have always enjoyed the slower sound and, of course, the much longer track durations. One thing about this record that makes it a standout in the Banfi discography is that he pulled in additional musicians rather than his usual solo outing. This music is played by a quartet featuring guitar, lots of slap bass and a very fine drummer, Bruno Bergonzi, who must have been one of busiest drummers throughout the 80s. Also, Baffo had bit of fun with the title on the labels. Side 1 reads "Heart" and side 2 reads "Earth".


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Serge Jazzmate - Baños De Sol

Kiew resident, music lover and DJ Serge Jazzmate is spoiling us with some more sunrays in late september. Since 2009 Serge is one of the residents of the LOW party series, one of the highlights of Ukranian Nightlife. His mixes have been spread all over the web including contributions to Noncollective, ANOE and Balearic Social .... to name a few. Finally he made one for the bin too : )
Thanks Serge!!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leon Lowman's Liquid Diamonds

Here 's the Reissue / Compilation of the year!
Made by the almighty Music From Memory / Red Light Records Crew!

just in case someone missed this compilation of impossible to find tunes by Leon Lowman by now - be quick, it's almost sold out. You still find copies at Relight Records Amsterdam, Rush Hour and at growing bin records though : )


Thursday, September 12, 2013

KoolMisterDJ - Levin And Black Haze Drifting

continuing with the mixes.................
this experimental mix comes from record collector and DJ Julian Sulz aka KoolMisterDJ from Munich. Into digging since the late nineties he nowadays focusses on obscure 45s, Italo, Cosmic and all things Synth. You'll find him on soundcloud too : )
The mix he kindly made for us is a psychedelic excursion into the cosmos - illustrating the dream journey of friends Levin and Black Haze.
Now get your spacship ready to fly.....


Monday, September 9, 2013

from aficionados for aficionados

just in case you haven not heard about this beauty - Nado 004 is out!!
Blissed balearic tunes by Joan Bibiloni and Coyote plus a remix by almighty Rune Lindbaek in company of Øyvind Blikstad.


PS. Thanks Moon!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Henri Aleksi - Closing Time In Mexico

the growing bin has been sent some lovely mixes in the last weeks and and I'm sorry that didn't yet manage to post these - until today!
so we're going to spoil you with 3 mixes in a row now - starting off with Henri Aleksi's Closing Time in Mexico.
Henri's a music lover from Helsinki. He's studying Portugese and Latin American studies - no surprise then that there's a lot of that wonderful south american organic sound in the mix. He mingles it with contemporary classical, blissful jazz, ambient and balearic tunes and creates an atmosphere that makes me want to set sails for the desert.....and blissfully drift away - LISTEN!

Thanks Henri!!

PS. more of his Sound here & here

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Synthesizer Samba under the Radar

Here's some lovely synthesized Samba by the group Radar from Estonia. They recorded 2 LPs which both are excellent Jazz Funk / Fusion records. This mighty fine track here is unfortunately only available on a estonian compilation from the early 80s (available over at my shop, of course ; )
cheers, Basso

Saturday, August 3, 2013

one of my favourite albums ever

I'd just like to celebrate this wonderful and timeless album with you. I won't tell you what I love so much about this album, because pretty soon you'll feel it anyway.
Fila Brazillia have always been heroes to me and Maim That Tune is my fave among their many (and still not enough) albums (all amazing). This particular album is 18 years old now and I can't believe how time flies. Nevertheless I still enjoy this like day one. Back in the days people called this downtempo, triphop or chillout, but none of these pigeonholes seems to work for Fila.
Been listening to this record a lot when traveling and the sounds have been weaved into so many neural networks.... Played out a CD and had to buy another one, taped it to cassette, mini disc, converted it to mp3 for traveling AND had many dreams of seeing this on vinyl one day. Btw - why doesn't some friendly guy out there make my dream come true? I'm sure a LOT of people would be happy about it... how about a gatefold double abum ; ) Another dream of mine is a Fila Brazillia ambient album, but I better stop pestering you with my dreams. God bless Fila Brazillia!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Austria Drei Illinois Eins

Here we have something Austrian that doesn't quite sound "austrian". It's mainly Werner Pirchner's Marimba that gives this fusion outfit an ethnic/world music feel and some of those tricky rhythmic structures make you forget completely about alpine idyllic scenes. Adelhard Roidinger's bass workouts might make you forget about everything else (Check Lonely Frog).  I'll also mention "fast fingers" Harry Pepl on guitar and "tight" Todd Canedy, former member of the legendary Rhythm Combination & Brass, on drums. I'll also mention that I hope you'll enjoy this fine album!
Cheers, Basso

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Andras Fox - Soft Illusion

get down with some top notch balearic boogie from down under!!

Andras Fox & home loan records

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

last mixes

Nice people have been asking me for mixes lately. Here's what I recorded after pausing from making mixes since december. Cocktails By The Pool is the first mix of a series mixes called The Breeze. It's pretty tropical / balearic, sometimes even emotional and a bit cheesy too whilst Plum Flowers In Golden Vase (named after the first track) is more eclectic with a touch of friendly voodoo. Not to forget the relaxed and Lazy Day For The Sirens , the second mix in The Breeze series. Hope you enjoy them! Summer's here : )
Watch out for some breezy edits coming your way soon ...
Cheers, Basso



Balearic Vibraphonics

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Julian Horn - North and South and East and West

Anybody up for a mix full of amazing tunes?
Of course you are, so let's welcome vienna's one and only Julian Horn - DJ and producer of blissed out balearic tunes and remixes, currently residing in Berlin. We are happy to offer you an hour of beautiful and deep tunes that take you to a place somewhere in the holy land of organic jazz, sophisticated ambient & ethereal balearic. What i especially like about this mix is that every song was given it's room to breathe yet flavoured by his neighbours!
Perfect music for a sunny sunday like this.....
I guess by now not only those who have heard his lovely mixes on Noncollective and Higher Love are really looking forward to THIS.

Thanks Julian!

more of the good news: 
watch out for some beautiful new tunes by Julian out later this year !!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Im Stollwerk

Cologne rules! I am a big fan of Dunkelziffer / Unknown Cases and especially of Dominik von Senger. Guess what my face looked like when I turned the cover of this LP to have a look at the back.... If you're a fan too - download immediately. If not - give 'em a try anyway.

Download expired in 2011. After I posted this in 2009 this post got only 1 (ONE!) comment in 2 years. Maybe some of you have snapped by now that these guys rule ; ) New link follows


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Asking the gods

A recent fave that has to be shared - Leon Gieco's Solo Le Pido A Dios. Pretty tough to categorize music if you're not an expert in south american /argentinian music like me. But what is categorizing for anyway. All I can say is that it's different from most of the music I've heard by now and it's astonishingly beautiful too.

cheers, Basso

did i mention that youtube channel yet?

it's the youtube channel of this blog and the growing bin record online shop

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Follower of The Growing Bin, Mattias, approached me with a bunch of albums for us to enjoy. From jazz to avantgarde, this is all fine stuff. Thanks for sharing, Mattias :)


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Steele Bonus - In The Shade

Many of you will know australian DJ, RecordCollector and Graphics Designer Steele Bonus' mixes from places like Italians do it betterNoise in my head, Noncollective and Future Classic. So you will happily join him and come on over into the shade for a one and a half hour all vinyl mix made of deep and heavyweight tunes from the psychedelic side of chilled out funky stuff... massive mix of "neverheardbefore's"!

Get it here
Thanks a lot Steele!!!

PS. Make sure to check Steele's amazing Odd Waves mixes here

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coo-Coo, Coo-Coo!

Being released privately by the group and Josef Alterbaum (who recorded and mixed it) and pressed in limited quantities makes it almost impossible to find on original vinyl. The wonderful person I got my copy from bought it directly from the group when they were touring Germany in 1978.
The music is somewhere between Krautrock and proper Jazzrock (with Jazzrock being the stronger part in the mix)) and I guess it will appeal to Jazzheads as to Kraut-Fans. Partially very funky and then there's that Ethno vibe in some of the tracks that we love a lot. Supposingly Gert Lueken is responsible for these vibes. He wrote, arranged and played synths, piano, percussion and clarinet on Tri Atma records some years later! In 1975 he played live with the Krautjazzers Thirsty Moon (highly recommended too and a lot easier to find... reissues!!!)
Over at Green Brain and Friends they say that the guys were also responsible for the Malcom Locks LP but I couldn't find any more information on that, so I dare to call it a rumour. If you know more, please TELL US! Cheers!

Get some info here
and the link from the comments.

Friday, May 3, 2013

what does Sussex sound like?

This is Circus Music from the late 80s - and what a surprise!
Among the musicians: Zabba Lindner (Tomorrow's Gift, Release Music Orchestra, ES, ...), Kurt Rudschuck (Pago Pago), Sid Gautama (Aera, Nine Days Wonder) and percussionist Sergio Bore!!
The style is a unique mix of 80s fusion jazz with pop / dance that partly has a decent worldmusic feel to it. And a good part of Circus magic.....

in the tube

we have a youtube channel now.
check it out!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grishin (Shiny Boots) - Spring

Finally spring is here! And we celebrate it with a gorgeous mix by my friend Sasha Grishin from Moscow. Sasha is part of the Shiny Boots crew - check out their edits! He regularly plays Moscow's nicest clubs and bars and he loves birds. Me too. As well as I love Sasha's eclectic mixes : )

Enjoy the music!!

Спасибо Саше!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Richmond Road Riot rules

The Achterbahn Band's self released Richmond Road Riot LP seems to be the only record the group from Delmenhorst in northern Germany released. Now that is a damn shame, because in my little world Richmond Road Riot is a wonderful and timeless crown jewel...
But it always gives me a hard time when trying to talk/write about it. It's not easy to describe their very eclectic style of music - not really Progrock, not 100% Pop, Jazz? yes maybe..... Dammit I hate this category stuff! Maybe it's just incredibly good pop music with hints of progressive rock and easy latin á la High Llamas. And whatever it may be, it doesn't sound like "1979" to my ears. More like "sometime between 1969 and 2009".
Please get an impression and tell me what you think about it!

Cheers, Basso

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here's the first in a row of older posts that I 'll rework & reup  in the next weeks / months - Büdi and Gumbl's Hmm... LP released 1983 on the excellent Biber label.
The amazing cover art exploded when I pulled the lp out from some shelf in my favourite record store. At that time I had only 3 records on Biber (Dadadogs, Lenny MacDowell, Ralf Illenberger's Circle) and was on the hunt for more, because these 3 are GREAT! I don't have to tell how pleasing it was to see the Biber logo and all those NAMES on the back cover.... Was ist die Zeit (transl. what is time) has been my fave on the LP for ages and you probably don't want to know but this track (and Dadadogs' Big Piece, Big Peace) are included in my Autumn Air mix for Chee's Musicwise series (last copies still available). 
But please let me tell you that the whole record is a bust! If you like humorous Ethno Jazz and you missed it the first time around check it out now......

link in comments

the joy of warming up the year's faves

the joy of cooking #25 - the joy of warming up the year's faves

#25 is made from tracks that I used in mixes throughout 2012. Be it shows of the joy of cooking or mixes i made for other websites, shops, people .... PLUS some tracks that i ALWAYS wanted to use but never managed to.....

Thanks a LOT to these lovely girls and guys hosting my mixes:
Guillaume and Simon / Deepfrequency: The joy of cooking
Chee / Organic Music: The Latest Fashion
Brka and Schwabe / Disco Not Disco: Morning Flight To Belgrade
Maricha / Higher Love: Lost In The Supermarket
Jonny Nash / LNCC: Shopping at LNCC

and finally here's my "faves" of 2012

direct link

John Elder - Ma (Lost In The Supermarket)
Touch - Gethsemane (always wanted to have this in a mix since end of 2010)
Gigi Masin - Almanac (Lost In The Supermarket)
Queerbeet - Hypnos (Shopping at LNCC, The joy of shopping before cooking #22)
James Morisson - Pinnacles (The joy of cooking #?)
Tullio De Piscopo - Silva Mala (Morning Flight To Belgrade)
Country Joe McDonald - Breakfast For Two (Shopping at LNCC)
Dennis Lather - Modest Girl (The joy of roasting apples over the campfire #21)
Santiago - Don't Worry (always tried to find a decent place for this : )
Hiroshi Sato - Kalimba Night (The joy of cooking #?)
Kalimba 6 - Still On My Mind (The joy of shopping before cooking #22)
Metropolitans - All Our Stars (Lost In The Supermarket)
Tony Etoria - I Can Prove It (Shopping at LNCC)
Aragon - Horridula (the joy of enjoying japanese cuisine #19)
Small Pop Group - Love By Night (personal holy grail)
Dan Dare - Skyride (The joy of cooking #?)
Green Cosmos - Über dem Berg (The joy of cooking #16)
John Elder - And I Come Here (Morning Flight To Belgrade)
Bevan Manson - Metaphysical Rhumba (The Latest Fashion)

Cheers, Basso

Monday, February 18, 2013


      Philippe Besombes - Princess Lolita

    WTF? Give it a listen and see if you don't agree. In the late 70s the French label, Divox, approached Philippe Besombes about releasing an album of his music. Most of the tracks presented were experimental tracks for ballet, different films, etc. Divox wanted a "hit". Being the late 70s a hit would necessarily be in the disco vein as disco was pretty much ruling the airwaves and clubs. What Besombes delivered was Princess Lolita. Not exactly hit material, but fun none the less. The male vocals are slowed way down and the female vocals are sped up to the point of sounding like a cartoon. Cesi est Cela featured 4 tracks from Besombes' archives and the 'hit'. The album was reissued 35 years later on CD with 6 bonus tracks and Princess Lolita was included as the first track but was given the number 0. Very confusing to most CD players, so the track is pretty much skipped. That's probably the way Philippe Besombes intended it to be.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Seekmagic - Treasure of Secrets

Time for another guest mix!
This time we proudly present Seekmagic's Nick Cubley from Newcastle upon Tyne /UK. He began the lovely seekmagic blog back in 2009 as a means of putting his mixes out on the internet after friends told him they were worthy of a wider audience (AND OH YES,  THEY ARE!) 
"Treasure of secrets" is a true reflection of the music Nick plays at the Seekmagic nights. He hosts these together with his friends Dave Lovenbury and Danny Potts. Check them guys out on the last saturday of every month, at their spiritual home in the city, The Tanners Arms
But first listen to his wonderful laid back mix ....

Thanks a lot Nick!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yas-Kaz Does Jazz

Yas-Kaz - Virgo Indigo

Yas-Kaz is a Japanese percussionist. His works are often filed under ambient, experimental, new age and classical. This record released in 1986 is more in the jazz vein. There are tracks on this record that would fit the experimental tag, and a couple could be heard as leaning towards the cosmic side of sounds. Weather Reporter, Wayne Shorter is featured on soprano sax on the title track. Sounds of flute, violin, guitar, guitar synthesizer, keyboards, and off course, lots of percussion fill out the mix. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

wtf five

that day I found it I put the B-Side on first, sat down and listened to the free jazz for a minute or two. Then turned it around and sat there for ten minutes, got up, lifted my arm went back and sat there for ten minutes, got up, lifted my arm went back and sat there for ten minutes, got up, lifted my arm went back and sat there for ten minutes, got up, lifted my arm went back and sat there for ten minutes, .....

Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - San Lorenzo Live

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sassy J - Kaleidoscopes Vol. 3 - SUN

I'm happy to announce that we have a deep and soulful mix by switzerland's First Lady on the decks - DJ Sassy J. It's the third part of her Kaleidoscopes series and just as beautiful as the first two. When Sassy Judith isn't designing awesome and one of a kind clothing she cares for running the Patchwork clubnight in Bern where she hosts the who's who in Deep House, Hip Hop, Disco & Jazz. Check out her website there but first listen HERE


ps. posting this on a mellow sunday morning - it's just the right time : )

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Judy's first

Judy and her band have some amazing records out there. This one here is their first and my favourite. Starts with the amazing Never Was Love and more of those lovely tunes follow. The whole album has a sound similar to Lonnie Liston Smith and The Cosmic Echoes' mid seventies LPs - unfortunately these didn't have Judy Robert's lovely voice...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Antony Kein - Embracing the light

our first guest mix this year comes from Athens based musician, DJ and collector Antony Kein. It's a wonderful blissed out trip full of ambient beauties and balearic jazz and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.


and make sure to check out his mixes also at Plaid Music, ANOE, Amen Brother, Higher Love and Pleasure Cruis'n

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paul Horn x 2

Paul Horn - Traveler & Jupiter 8

Happy new year! Been a while, so just thought I'd post something on this fine blog. Here are two fine flutey albums by Paul Horn. Jupiter 8 has been on rotation for years at Ptrond's. Check out the nice vid below the links, and enjoy! Love the Roland sweater.

- Traveler -

- Jupiter 8 -

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fire of Dreams

Lauri Paisley - The Fire of Dreams

Another private release, this time on Methylunna Music. Lauri Paisley was a solo artist and as far as I can find, this is her only release. Lauri plays grand piano, 12-String guitar, electronic percussion, and "massive quantities of synthesizers". Some of the tracks have a classical feel while others, particularly on the b side, border on synthpop, The album was released in 1987.

Fire of Dreams