Sunday, June 9, 2013

Julian Horn - North and South and East and West

Anybody up for a mix full of amazing tunes?
Of course you are, so let's welcome vienna's one and only Julian Horn - DJ and producer of blissed out balearic tunes and remixes, currently residing in Berlin. We are happy to offer you an hour of beautiful and deep tunes that take you to a place somewhere in the holy land of organic jazz, sophisticated ambient & ethereal balearic. What i especially like about this mix is that every song was given it's room to breathe yet flavoured by his neighbours!
Perfect music for a sunny sunday like this.....
I guess by now not only those who have heard his lovely mixes on Noncollective and Higher Love are really looking forward to THIS.

Thanks Julian!

more of the good news: 
watch out for some beautiful new tunes by Julian out later this year !!!


JIRO said...

Lovely mix, will definitely be listening to this on the beach next month!

Buddy Nuggets said...

great mix, listened on a late night drive across city streets - perfect styles

Anthony Weiss said...

Loving this mix. So happy to live during a time where I can expand my innervision through these deep and rare grooves.

Julian said...

thank you all!