Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hirsch & Baum & Abendstern

here's one of my favourite finds of the last years - Thierfeldt's "Dilattantischer Sentimentalismus".
Wolfgang Thierfeld, a member of the amazing Release Music Orchestra,  is accompanied by Krzystof Scieranski, Hans-Dieter Lorenz, Friedemann Graef, Albrecht Riermeier, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Paul B. Engel and Bubacar Jameh. Their jazz is contemporary and it's awsome imho. Ambient fusion? I don't know - listen and tell me what you hear!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Listen to the Kham Lingtsang Band

Kham Lingtsang Band - Solan from elevator people on Vimeo.
Amazing new music from Jonny Nash (Discosession / Sombrero Galaxy)!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the joy of cooking african stew Part I

the joy of cooking is back with some african stew.... check out a recipe here and check out the music there:

Best web Radio ever


Direct link to stream the show


01. Kapingbdi - Don't Escape
02. Aminata Fall & Xalis - Nao
03. Saraba - Saté Muso
04. Dutch Benglos - Aware Mu Asem
05. A. B. Crentsils Ahenfo Band - Pe Edwuma Ye
06. Anansi - Song Of Peace
07. Nii Amarh Gomez – Sore Sa Bi
08. Charly Kingson - Born In Africa
09. Sonny Okosuns Ozziddi - Mother & Child
10. Djeli Makan- I Love Music
11. Dutch Benglos - Sha Bi Di Do

cheers, Basso

PS. Part II will be a growing bin exclusive soon

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In stores now - Jeidem Fall

followers of the blog might know we're some decicated Tolouse Low Trax fans here. you might be interested that there's finally a new record out and YES -  he did it again. deep industrial atmosphere meets  mindbending rhythms meets the almighty - a winner. CDs are already out as far as I understood and the records are coming end of this week (mid february 2012).

Conpearl Walker by TOLOUSE LOW TRAX

check out these reviews at Igloomag & Incendiarymag  and the video

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cosmic Mashups

Pink Project were an Italian covers band working in the early 80s. They produced cosmic disco versions of popular tunes from Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Deep Purple, Michael Jackson, Space, Jean-Michel Jarre, etc. Domino was their first album, released in 1982. 6 of the 7 tracks are 2 song mashups. For example, the first track on the b side combines Alan Parsons' 'Hyper Gamma Spaces' with Jarre's 'Oxygene Part 4'. The music is well played and the combinations work well together. This 2lp set is fairly easy to come by and inexpensive if you look in the right bins. And . . . you can dance to this