Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hirsch & Baum & Abendstern

here's one of my favourite finds of the last years - Thierfeldt's "Dilattantischer Sentimentalismus".
Wolfgang Thierfeld, a member of the amazing Release Music Orchestra,  is accompanied by Krzystof Scieranski, Hans-Dieter Lorenz, Friedemann Graef, Albrecht Riermeier, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Paul B. Engel and Bubacar Jameh. Their jazz is contemporary and it's awsome imho. Ambient fusion? I don't know - listen and tell me what you hear!


basso said...

link follows

Tristan Stefan said...

you're killing me with the suspense man!

basso said...

sorry Chris, surprisingly i had to leave the house quickly after posting. now here's the link:

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luke said...

very nice, basso. Thank you for it.
greetings from soCal

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Michael said...

Many thanks !

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