Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the joy of cooking another tea

sorry to disturb the download feast but it's tea time, folks.
prepare for the winter and get some woolen socks.
when you come back in turn up the heating, get the water boiling and listen to this  if you please.
Cheers, Basso

Stereolab - The Incredible He Woman ( you're missed!)
Hector Zazou's La Perversita - I Love You S... (Stefanie of course)
Nick Drake - River Man
Bora Rokovic - Soft Hands Had The Rain
Carla Bley - Dining Alone
Allaudin WIlliam Matthieu - Scales Of Scales
Fairouz - Habaitak Bil Saif Version I
Heat Brothers - Maimoun
Archaische Klangfarben - Schlangentanz (as deep as it gets ; )
Rava - Verde Que Eu Te Quero Ver
The Crusaders - Serenity
Fila Brazillia - Soft Music Under Stars

you can also download these shows when joining the deepfrequency family here....... no tons of spam mails to be expected when doing so, just a few invitations to df parties (4 times a year, it's not fucking facebook!!!)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mort Garson - Signs Of The Zodiac

Mort Garson - Signs Of The Zodiac (A&M Records, SP 4211-4222)

Moog-wizard, Mort Garson contributed some fine tunes for this peculiar set of twelve records, one for each sign of the zodiac. If only the narrators could give it a rest from time to time, to enjoy the moog-noodling, but no.. Here's the lot, enjoy!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cybotron Live!!!

Our friend Michael from NOISE IN MY HEAD offered to share a wonderful piece of OZ Electronics. How could we resist? May I pass the mic to Michael:

"Recorded in the same year as their landmark debut, Sunday Night at the Total Theatre sees Cybotron's core Steve Braund and Geoff Green hypnotise a theatre of attentive space cadets with otherworldly drones and a chugging beat. I feel a rather romantic connection with this private press given that it was performed on a Sunday eve in Melbourne, just like our weekly radio show 30+ years later. Parallel worlds converge when transmitted on the FM airwaves. Unfortunately not the easiest piece to find from the Cybotron catalogue, the LP was apparently given away at a subsequent concert. Those were the days. Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Ian MacFarlane who played in a later incarnation of the live Cybotron experience and also made three brilliant long playing tapestries of kooky solo synth miniatures. He shared some interesting insight into why the band were such pioneers of their era. You can hear that here:"

Thanks a lot Michael!

some new edits

Been using the scalpel again lately and upped some of them cuts to soundcloud.
Some of them are asking for a bit of more attention by the doctor, but now there's other things on the plate. Here's a preview

the joy of cooking #14

Before I forget: Last weeks Joy of cooking has been archived some days ago and is including some amazing edits by Jantronix Schulte and Abel as well as a couple of recent faves by yours truly.

direct access to some ham'n eggs

Tarney Spencer -  It's Really You Jan Schulte Edit
Hiroshi Sato - Say Goodbye Edit
Abel - Aegean Sea
Ken Elliot - Are You Ready
Jörg Reiter - A New Surprise
Merge - Back In Style
Norbert Gottschalk - Turnaround Bossa
Jean Pierre Thanes - La Course De Jeune Homme
Five Pipes - Red Clay
ARtful - Waiting
Andreas Schifferdecker - Vertigo
Macky Feary Band - You're Young
Cheers, Basso

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back to the Oasis

Hugest thanks to ONEDOTZERO.COM.PT who sent me on a trip to the beautiful shores of Portugal and made it possible to see some of Porto's record stores after a long night of incredible short films, nicest people, wonderful white wine (Douro!!!) and lots of music....
Back to the record shop: My wrecked eyes hoped to see some Rão Kyao LPs there and to my deepest pleasure they did.
Now here's the first one that I found last summer already and kept enjoying it ever since. It's a beautiful mix of oriental melodies and fado inspired jazz. A very unique sound and that's what I love it for. Check it out! Cheers, Basso

Plus Minus Null

I have just received a note about the relaunch of the good old Force Inc. label and it's "first" release being the MARROW - PLUS MINUS NULL lp. I haven't been paying proper attention to minimal for quite some time and now this one made me wake up. Probably because there's some melody and that lovely bit of melancholy in it... If you too like it deep and crystal clear check it out here

(sorry for the youtube teaser, the guys are very precautious with their material, even their promo.mp3s are cut (!!!) and there's no soundcloud as well....)