Friday, February 20, 2009

Man Spricht Deutsch!

"Man spricht Deutsch" is the title of Kaarst's private press FOLK! LP from 1979. Translated: One speaks german. And that's what Kaarst do. They actually sing! Unfortunately most of the folks downloading and listening to this wonderful album won't snap the beauty of the lyrics. It's really some of the uprightest stuff I've heard by now. You can easily tell that he's been observing mankind with a pair of open eyes. Call me a wussy, but - man - those "dedicated tracks" like Ingwerfrau (Gingerwoman) and Für Lisa (For Lisa) really wetten my eyes. Kurz vor Ostern is something like a reqiuem for a lady born in 1890, having experienced two world wars, her children dying in the Panzer and 20 years of loneliness in a nursing home.... I hope the way Reinhard Firchow is singing gives you a glimpse of what I mean !?! He might not be the most talented singer in the world but he's really touching me and that's what it's about!  Perfect music to watch the clouds rush by ..... Viel Spass!

PS. This folk tends to be pretty light and jazzy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anima Latina

I am listening to a lot of italian music at the moment and I think I'm not alone........ I deeply dig most of Lucio Battisti's music and cannot decide which one's my favourite. It's this LP here from 1974 or "La Batteria, Il Contrabbasso, Eccetera " from 1976, which includes the celebrated "Il Veliero". I chose to post this one here......

 (EDIT: almost 3 years later I know THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BATTISTI LP!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Berlin Fusion

How many of those guy are shaved? Back to the year 1979. Beardos were hip back in those days! It's not really easier to find some shaved faces in Berlin today...... Anyway - four groups, who didn't have the money to record their own LPs gathered to record just one LP together. With a bit of finacial encouragement by the Berlin's "Senator for Cultural Affairs" they had 8 studio days to record what is heard on the here featured LP.
Pretty nice stuff though. I wonder what else might pop up by these guys. I know of a Live-LP by Arakontis and a studio LP by Chameleon. By now there was nothing to be found about Changes and Margò.
Here's some Berlin Fusion


Update2: and two LPs by Chameleon

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This Placebo works!

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy

Yes, sexy & enterprising Sylvia Robinson (of Sugarhill Fame) has the cure for every man's sickness right in that grail. I'd bet there's a good dose of L.A. Sunshine in there. In here there's lots of slow and sexy jams. Nice one by the fireside. Don't forget to soften the bearskin. I like her first called "Pillow Talk" as well (the cover is even funnier), but this here got synths.
Hope you enjoy it.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feel Free Friday!

We'll be having fun friday night in a small venue in St.Pauli, Hamburg/Germany. Tako's coming over from Amsterdam! Phuong Dan , Meda and Basso don't have to travel. I just listened to a mix from Meda, who is quite famous for his Italo Disco collection [I once met a well known italian DJ (he is not a Cosmic DJ!) and he proposed: Let's kill the guy right now and then we share his 12"es! Funny thought, huh? Meda?] I'd like to share some of his Space Disco LPs with you - Here

If you're near, come around for a couple of nice tunes.