Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feel Free Friday!

We'll be having fun friday night in a small venue in St.Pauli, Hamburg/Germany. Tako's coming over from Amsterdam! Phuong Dan , Meda and Basso don't have to travel. I just listened to a mix from Meda, who is quite famous for his Italo Disco collection [I once met a well known italian DJ (he is not a Cosmic DJ!) and he proposed: Let's kill the guy right now and then we share his 12"es! Funny thought, huh? Meda?] I'd like to share some of his Space Disco LPs with you - Here

If you're near, come around for a couple of nice tunes.



Rocco said...

HI! Very nice blog here!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you , I love your taste in music.

Anonymous said...

I love this mix!! Could you please give us a tracklist?

basso said...

let's see....I'll ask for it..

Anonymous said...

sorry non complete tracklist, but you can ask for ID.
let me know the minute/time, hope i can help