Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Berlin Fusion

How many of those guy are shaved? Back to the year 1979. Beardos were hip back in those days! It's not really easier to find some shaved faces in Berlin today...... Anyway - four groups, who didn't have the money to record their own LPs gathered to record just one LP together. With a bit of finacial encouragement by the Berlin's "Senator for Cultural Affairs" they had 8 studio days to record what is heard on the here featured LP.
Pretty nice stuff though. I wonder what else might pop up by these guys. I know of a Live-LP by Arakontis and a studio LP by Chameleon. By now there was nothing to be found about Changes and Margò.
Here's some Berlin Fusion


Update2: and two LPs by Chameleon


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

Chameleon ia a great band!

ish said...

Thanks for the tip, Basso. Since I created the Magic Purple Sunshine blog I've really come to appreciate the European sound. Downloading this now!

Cabinboy said...

hey! thanks so much for this, almost paid 75 for it about 4 mos ago but i just couldn't afford it, now i won't have to, btw, chameleon has two albums, i don't have them but i've found another called fuchs goos band as the second one aka chameleon II

Misongod said...

Here you can get CHAMELEON selt title


basso said...

Thanks a lot Misongod,
tons of great stuff is to be found over there

EvilFactor said...

*sigh* It looks like Blogger may have decided to purge FlightNeverEnding, anybody know of any other sources for albums released by the Berlin Fusion bands? (Especially Chameleon?) Thanks!

Michael said...

Sorry !
Link is dead