Thursday, December 20, 2012

Planetarium Tracks

Spell - Time Waves

Here is another set of tracks from 1979 performed primarily on synthesizers. There is also a grand piano in the mix which works to great effect on a couple tracks. This is literally space music. The work was commissioned for the Alexander Brest Planetarium in Jacksonville, Florida. The music was composed and performed by Jack Tamul, and Joe Deihl. This was a private release on Tsunami Records and apparently it was the only release on the label.

Time Waves

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

say goodbye

        sometimes it isn't easy to say goodbye.
        not having a chance to say goodbye is worse.

       Hiroshi Sato - Say Goodbye (edit) 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Chee - Now and Then

I'm very happy to announce that we have another great mix from my friend Chee at the growing bin. In this mix he plays favourite discoveries from his last digging trip to the mediterranean. So be prepared for some excellent balearic fusion, MPB, portugese Pearls, italian Disco Pop, sundried ambient and a lot more... Thanks a lot for this Chee!

check out also his mic for LNCC here

Monday, December 3, 2012

No Crime

Toshifumi Hinata released a couple of LPs - all I've heard are amazing. Not easy to categorize, but I think "ambient minimal Pop with a classical touch" would give you an idea of it?? Sarah's Crime is his first as far as I know and my favourite  Toshi LP. That's why I share it here. Cheers, Basso

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Twilight Cities

This recording is a redo of Torgue's first lp. The og was released in 1976 and in 1979 Henry Torgue decided to rerecord the the whole record in a different studio with a different producer. Another album, Compartiment Fuchsia, was released in 1979, as well. That one featured a trio setting where the others were solo recordings. Depending on the response to this one I may offer you that one, as well. Torgue is playing a variety of keyboards here and as usual the jams are intoxicating.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the joy of cooking #24 - bella italia & more

dedicated to the man who taught me how to cook

since i started the joy of cooking I wanted to have a show dedicated to the world's #1 cuisine - bella italia. I gathered quite a few tracks so that it was getting more and more difficult to chose the "right ones". 2 weeks ago i stopped looking for the perfect tracks and just made part one. more parts will follow in the future... For part one I decided to leave out some usual suspects as well as ignore the so called "Italo Disco". Instead I focussed almost only on songs that I discovered in record shops (except from 2 or 3 tracks) and I hope you'll enjoy it nevertheless....

cheers, Basso

If you like it a little more experimental "growing bin style" check out the show before.

it's #23 and it's called "lentil soup and heavy rain"
 I recorded it on a day that was the fourth day of heavy and constant rain in a row and it went well with the lentil soup that i was cooking afterwards....


YMO - Shadows On The Ground
Bernoff and Allen – Interlude
Haruomi Hosono – Down to earth
Carlos Peron – Frigorex
Din A Testbild – Tight Pants
Duet Emmo – ANC
Lask – Sucht
Klangräume – Swirl
Robin Taylor – Den Bla Salon
Bo Stief – Hidden Frontiers
K2 – The Body
Tam Tam – Tam Tam 02
Brunnmaier – Bell Mondo
Alu – Scheiss DDR
Mas and Alvim – Garvitude
Miroslav Vitous – Tiger in the rain
Akira Ito - ??
Slice of Oranges Edit
Tony Palkovic – Decisions
Quatermass – Punting
Glenn – Zeit
Dan Dare – Skyride
Duo Duett – Sushi Moto

Thursday, November 1, 2012

West Coast Experiment

Jazz? Maybe . . . Gnawa? Could be. Techno? Hmmm. Ethno-jazz-hop? Whatever it is, it works. This head scratcher was released in 2009 in Portland, Oregon. Very limited release, very scarce, very good. This duo outing with guests goes by Sesqui and Tahrei. The release is called Setenta Y Dos. We get lots of ethnic percussion, keyboards and jazzy horns and a bit of chanting on a couple tracks. This pair could produce a very entertaining live show.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pavel Plastikk - Lust in Paradise

a new guestmix!!!
the growing bin proudly presents Kiev's Pavel Plastikk. Pavel played his records all over Europe from Lowlife & Aficionado to Soju and is running the highly acclaimed LOW parties at home in the Ukraine's lovely capital. Pavel's mixes have been featured over at Noncollective, Finger Mag and Testpressing. and now at the bin too : )

no apples and snakes in Pavels Paradise - simple and plain: lovely tunes worshipping the lust for music. wonderful ambient meets westcoast beauties meeting balearic pop - plus the one tune that will always remind me of my first heartbreak in 1987's summer camp..... !

Thanks Pavel for music and memories!

Pavel Plastikk - Lust In Paradise (dropbox gave up so please try the link below)

Alternative link (watch out for the real dl link, it says "download from sendspace")

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Graphic Soundtrack

More Torgue. This one is a bit unusual in that it was commissioned to coincide with the release of a graphic novel with artwork by Christian Lejalé and Philippe Caza. Henry Torgue composed the music and performed on synthesizers and piano with accompaniment from Orchestre De La Ville De Rennes. Memoire is a long time favorite. Hope you enjoy it.


Monday, October 15, 2012

the joy of shopping

sorry for the pic - I couldn't resist! Men can be just the same!!
actually it should have been a picture of a vegetables market like this

a while ago I had another show on called the joy of shopping before cooking.
of course it's dedicated to those wonderful moments of strolling over a food market, getting together the ingredients for tonight's dinner. and of course i'm bringing in the record thing again. For this show i only used songs from records I currently had for sale over at - some still left ....

direct link to the show
more shows from yours truly

Friday, September 28, 2012

Melting wax ....

As far as I know there are 5 "interesting" libraries on UBM. Two of them posted here already and off we go with a third. Icarus by David Rosenstein. Mr Rosenstein is just another Ralph Haldenby, I suppose. Nobody else but Uwe Buschkötter and his crew... most of the tracks were written by famous german jazzman Manfred Schoof. And so the record is in fact a little jazzy. First track - Weather Report, if that doesn't give a direction? Well actually they're going many directions again on this one. Excellent Jazz Funk and Fusion is one of them, of course. But also some cosmic electronics and to my personal pleasure some ambient tunes as well. Check out Nucleus on the B-Side. Doesn't the synth sound exactly like on Skyracer? And don't you think that Icarus might be a sequel of Skyracer, thematically?
Nuff talk - time for a listen. Link in the comments.
Cheers, Basso

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gymnesian Nights

LSR-1005 - Zoovox - Gymnesian Nights 12" by Lectric Sands

3 tracks that really killed me lately so I had to share with you here!
buy it the vinyl directly at the lectric sands website or get your link to mp3s there

cheers, Basso

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vidar Theisen And The Retrievers - Heavy Metal

Vidar Theisen And The Retrievers - Heavy Metal
(CBS, Theis 1 - An Imal Voiz Product - 1988)

Norwegian cult weatherman, Vidar Theisen, passed away last month, so I figured it was time to give this battered 7" a spin to his memory. Behind the production is synthpopper, Espen Beranek Holm, who topped the Norwegian charts in '88 with this oddity. It's strange stuff if you don't understand Norwegian, I guess, but even stranger when you do. RIP Vidar Theisen.

Here's the man in action, back in the day..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

wtf four

after listening to a really interesting, but not exceptionally exciting A Side, the B Side had a nice welcome gift........ WTF FOUR ..... basso going mental over it for months now....


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Land of Light

something incredibly beautful is happening these days.
we are finally reaching the Land of Light!
Jonny Nash and Kyle Martin are leading us the way to realms so peaceful I want to shed tears of joy.
Thanks a lot guys and big up to Andrew the ferryman!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Klas - A Beach Bum Mix


Hi folks, we're having another guest mix at the bin and it's one for the summer! My man Klas from Sweden had sent this over 2 weeks ago and it has been enjoyed a lot over here so I asked him if it would be okay to share it on the bin. It is!
Here's what Klas says about it: The mix is inspired partly by the beach scenes in the movie Fletch, partly by heavy beach bums like José Padilla, DJ Harvey and Coyote, obviously some tracks in the mix are more or less "borrowed" from mixes of theirs. The background is that I started to think about guys who like ski bums looking for the best uncharted slope would go from island to island, looking for the perfect unknown beach. This mix takes place on such a place with such a crowd of beach bums, hanging out, fishing and bathing in the sun.

Sounds like fun, huh? It is! Here's the tracklist:

1. Rod McKuen - Beach Town
2. Larry Carlton - Wavin And Smilin
3. Graham Nash - Out On The Island
4. Ned Doheny - Labor Of Love (With Paul Horn playing flute and Haida singing in the background)
5. Claude Larson - Wave Sequences
6. Dave Mason - Sweet Music
7. Gilberto Gil - Maracatu Atomico
8. Richard Schneider Jr - Hello Beach Girls
9. W. Gogolewski - Piano Underlay
10. Buju Banton - Inter Lingua (with blackbird singing in background)
11. Fleetwood Mac - Sara
12. Laurie Anderson - My Eyes
13. Tanita Tikaram - Hot Stones
14. Brenda Ray & Prince Far I - Sweet Sweet Wine
15. The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do
16. Tangerine Dream - Beach Theme
17. Rod McKuen - Beach Town (with PJ Harvey's seagulls singing in the background)
18. The Lovin' Spoonful - Darling Be Home Soon  

and here's the mix

Thanks Klas!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Suzi, Gorgio und der Käfer

I have been a BIG fan of Suzi Lane's Ohh La La for years and do regard this as one of the finest things Giorgio Moroder ever produced. So I was more than happy to find a version on this obscure and notoriously rare danish disco compilation "Stay For The night". After doubting Moroder's originality for a milisecond I blamed Käfer for theft and I'm very happy he did. Check the 2 versions below....

Suzi Lane / Gorgio Moroder Version

Wolfgang Käfer Version

ps. a copy of this one was available at

cheers, Basso

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Horns and stuff ....

Habirigum was a group of well educated musicians from Hamburg, Germany. According to the little info to be found in the web they were playing the famous Onkel Pö regularly between 1975 and 1985. 
On their one and only hard to find release called "1" they play excellent Jazz-Funk / Jazz-Rock with a strong focus on reeds and horns (see the cover ; )  
It was recorded in 1982 at Volksparkstudio in Hamburg and released in 1983 as a private pressing. Here's the musicians involved:

Cheers, Basso

EDIT: a member of Habirigum has asked not to share their music so I deleted the download link

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Christian Poulet - Evasion

Christian Poulet - Evasion
(Charles Talar Records, CT 36.207 - 1978)

I've never seen a complete rip of this one, only a couple of the a-side tracks. While there indeed may be a good reason for that, I always like to be the judge of these things myself. So, here's the whole thing for you. A couple of fine discotunes here, along with some strange stuff on the b-side. Check the back for some great studio shots. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

wtf three

this isn't something far out, obscure or "rather special".
it simply is beautiful pop music made in the 80s,
but when I first heard it I thought ....

... WTF !

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the comet.......

The comet arrived in 1986 and he blow the minds of the ones who liked their New Age Music a little cosmic. The titles of course all are of a cosmic nature. Such as The Comet, Orion, Plejades, Black Hole, etc.....
I deeply dig every song on this record and I hope you'll enjoy it too. More info and copies galore

Cheers, Basso

Monday, August 13, 2012

Zukie173 - Last vibes after a summer day

Finally a guest mix again. And it's a lovely one!! Brought to us by swiss record collecor, DJ &  musician Zukie173 (a man and his JX-3P). Blessed with a profound knowledge of all things deep he spoils us with a highly versatile mix that holds beauties from Deep Soul to spatial Progressive Rock via ambient Electronics, sexy Funk and amazing french Vocal Jazz...... to name just a few of the genres featured!

Thanks a ton, Zukie173, for this beauty!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Growing Bin Records

hello everybody and welcome to growing bin records! 
your top choice online record store for obscure, rare and hard to find records. 

growing bin records is specialized in European Jazz & Fusion, Krautrock, Elektronik, New Age, Balearic, Ambient, Disco, Leftfield Dancemusic and the likes ....
Check out the clips (it took some time to record and upload them and it would be a shame if nobody listens ; )

Cheers, Basso

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coke Tales .....

while preparing the stock for my new online record store with a name borrowed from this place here I discovered having a double copy of this French Fusion LP by Laurent Cokelaere from 1983 and immediately recorded the whole thing.
Bassman Cokelaere is accompanied by a big group of musicians. Most of these are completely unknown to me, but I realy adore their work : )
A juicy and heterogenous gem in my humble opinion. Listen and please let me know what you think about it. (link in comments)

And of course, if you're not just a downloader, but do love music played from grooves carved into plastic plates - come and visit GROWING BIN RECORDS opening VERY soon. free shipping and tons of soundclips guaranteed.
stock updates avaialable here and here

Cheers, Basso

Monday, July 23, 2012

the joy of roasting apples over the campfire

this is something I wanted to do for ages already. a mix full of folksy tracks that I'd enjyo by a campfire. If you dig acoustic guitars, flutes and ambient kraut come over and roast your apples over the campfire ...

Direct link to the show
more from the dude who forgot to bring some matches (download all shows here)
deepest frequencies

Here's the tracklist for the spotters:

Bayon - Cherie
Captured Moments - Hell und Dunkel
Anders Karlen - Raphaels Dream
Alto - She's Gone
Kaarst - Ingwerfrau
Dagobert Böhm - Am Eulenturm
Thomas Almqvist - Conscious Dreams
Sango - Death In The Woods
Barhel & Bauer - Suite
KHJ Band - 111
Dennis Leather - Modest Girl
Tobrud - Rungholt
Nikitakis - Sam, Bay & Kiko
Pit Budde - Meine Schattenseiten
Games Of The Cloud - The Awakening of the Pharao

Thursday, July 19, 2012

After Machines . . .

Moving on into 1979 with Robbley and friends. A new project called Moebius with pretty much the same sounds and music esthetic. Doug Lynner is back on synthesizers, Evan Caplan is once again on the drum throne and John Stubbs is playing violin. Alex Cima has moved on to connecting with the cosmos, replaced by Steve Roach sitting in on the third synth chair. All the compositions are by Robbley and Lynner with the exception of the first track written by The Doors. This one was released on Moonwind Records in the US and later on various other labels in a few European countries.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Expect the Unexpected . . .

Okay, here we have some fresh sounds from the 70s. I'm sure anyone keeping track of sounds in the blogosphere are aware of Lem's 'Machines'. Alex Cima and Bryce Robbley composed the music for this effort and added some fairly leftfield lyrics to some of the tracks. The record was a private release on Wavefront Records (the only release on this label). The machines were various electronic music making devices: synthesizers, vocoders, Syndrums, arpeggiators, etc. Cima went on to produce some grail vinyls and Robbley was caught up in a Moebius strip (more on that later). All this occurred in 1977 on the left coast of North America.

Monday, July 9, 2012

wtf two

you surely know that there will be hits when you skip through a Joan Bibiloni record. But this one track from "Silencio Roto" TOTALLY amazed me .......... what about you?

wtf two

Friday, July 6, 2012

Synthpopsicle du Québec

Not much info about Kaméléon for some reason. They were apparently music majors studying  in Montreal. This is a one-off production. They recorded this album and it was released in 1981 on Pro-Culture. By the sounds on the record they seem to have known what they were doing. Who knows why they never recorded another album. Male and female vocals, two on keyboards and a good drummer make for a good band.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

'79 Lasry Coupe

This time we have the Patchwork release, Modern Way, which some folks consider to be Lasry's most rockin' record. There are some fairly scorching guitar shreds on the B side. In fact this one gets around quite a bit genre-wise. Jazzy, ambient, space rockers, whatever made the grade in 1979. I checked the blogosphere for this before posting and found quite a few copy-cat posts featuring a misnamed Patchwork compilation with a few tracks from Modern Way. Figured it wouldn't hurt to offer up the real deal. Not much in the way of credits on the sleeve but by this time we know Teddy is pretty much a one man band. He will definitely be covering synths, reeds and drums. Not sure about the guitar and bass. Once again this is a slightly modified rip. Stretched a bit.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Synthétiseur Minimale

Le Prince Apatride is the fourth album in Henry-Skoff Torgue's catalog. Torgue isn't the best known of 20th Century minimalist composers, but he is one of my personal favorites. This is a mostly solo effort with Torgue producing most of the sounds on synthesizers and piano. One track, the longest, features Olivier Darcissac on clarinet. Le Prince Apatride was released in 1980 on Spalax Music.


Monday, June 18, 2012

wtf one

wtf (short for what the fuck) is something new at the growing bin.
It's those tracks you discover while skipping through a record and
BAM! it hits you like a brick.

Here's the first one. I discovered it on a trip to Denmark some weeks ago and couldn't believe my ears.... we're talkin about 91, guys.....

wtf one

Turquoise Flusion

you like flutes? yeah me too. Love 'em! If only all sax guys changed to flutes....
As your eyes told you we have Wally Shorts' Turquoise album here. No year indicated but it sounds like early 80s. And it sounds like lovely fusion jams made in Holland. A bit of latin, a bit of funk plus a little prog and off to dreamland. According to the liner notes Wally played with Hans Dulfer, Sail, Burton Greene and Tito Puente. If that isn't enough take this: Rob V. D. Broeck on Keyboards, Neppie Noya on Percussion (of course!) and Danny Wood (whoever this is) is doing pretty well with his SYNTHI.

cheers, Basso

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vangelis Tames the Wild Rockers

It's no secret Phos was one of the finest progressive rock albums produced after Aphrodites Child parted ways. Including Vangelis on keyboards was a stroke of genius and most folks consider the result of this collaboration the best offering from Socrates Drank the Conium. Vangelis mellowed the sound and though he co-authored only one track on the record his influence is heard throughout the  recording. My copy and my rip are from the US version on Peters International Cosmos. (label = Phonogram). This is a modified rip and the tracks are stretched a bit length-wise. It you like your tunes longish, this is your rip.