Monday, August 13, 2012

Zukie173 - Last vibes after a summer day

Finally a guest mix again. And it's a lovely one!! Brought to us by swiss record collecor, DJ &  musician Zukie173 (a man and his JX-3P). Blessed with a profound knowledge of all things deep he spoils us with a highly versatile mix that holds beauties from Deep Soul to spatial Progressive Rock via ambient Electronics, sexy Funk and amazing french Vocal Jazz...... to name just a few of the genres featured!

Thanks a ton, Zukie173, for this beauty!


g.raf said...

Thanks Basso and of course Zukie 173 for the great mix.
Would dearly love to know what that french tune at 54.45mins is?

basso said...

Link updated!
@ G.Raf: please ask Zukie : )

Anonymous said...

Hy g.raf, it's the
Thanks for listening!