Thursday, August 23, 2012

Horns and stuff ....

Habirigum was a group of well educated musicians from Hamburg, Germany. According to the little info to be found in the web they were playing the famous Onkel Pö regularly between 1975 and 1985. 
On their one and only hard to find release called "1" they play excellent Jazz-Funk / Jazz-Rock with a strong focus on reeds and horns (see the cover ; )  
It was recorded in 1982 at Volksparkstudio in Hamburg and released in 1983 as a private pressing. Here's the musicians involved:

Cheers, Basso

EDIT: a member of Habirigum has asked not to share their music so I deleted the download link


Anonymous said...

thanks for the gems basso! thanks forever!

Anonymous said...

Recorded 1982

Nadir lbrhimoglu (tb), Nahim Ibrahimoglu (sax),Wolfgang Kröger (gt), Rolf Woebke (b), Gerd Paetzke (perc, drums)
Nadir lbrahimogiu (tb), Pieps Wulff (keys), Werner Kracht (gt), MichaelSeeliger (b), Manfred Feuerhak (perc), Gerd Paetzke (dr)

The Ibrahimoglu Brothers are Jazz Musicians from Turkey

I was searching for their music a long time.


basso said...

Thanks a lot for the information!
Where do you know these things from?

Anonymous said...

I lived in Hamburg in that time, heard them 3,4 times live, had contact with the Ibrahimoglus later-they had a huge saxophone shop named PMS(still exists). Bandmembers i found in the net.

graphix said...

basso could you ever please upload that incredible merge record that vanished so quickly from the shop site? thanks

Calisan said...

Thanks for this interesting set! Turkey and Germany!

Il poeta di sottofondo said...

hi basso! could you please re-upload that record? the link has expired!

thank you!!

basso said...

Unfortunately the info given about this record from Mr. Anonymous was not correct. I added the corrected list of players in the post!