Thursday, April 22, 2010


I was about to post this beautiful summer mix of Tako with the following words:

"What do you expect from a mix when it's done by a supernice guy with an excellent taste in music and a wonderful record collection? Yeah and that's exactly what you get here. Also make sure to get a copy of the first 12" of the Sombrero Galaxy, released on Lovefingers long awaited ESP Institute. Sombrero Galaxy is the collabo between Tako and Jonny Nash and their "Journey to the center of the sun" is one of my favourite releases of the last years, cheers!"

That was yesterday. In the meantime something terrible happened. Tako's friend Petros Malevis from Athens passed away without a warning. This mix is dedicated to Petros! He will be missed. Rest in peace, Petros.

Monday, April 19, 2010


When I found this record I didn't know what to expect. Late Equals, aha. Listened to the 2nd side first (by chance, not out of a habit) and immediately went to ask for the price, as there was no sticker attached to it. After the shock I thought: "ok just listen to the other side before you put it back" and damn that was a mistake! Maybe not..... I heard Mystic Syster and in a flash I was completely up up an away, nodding the head like no good. It's raw and powerful ... and man those synth rhythms : ) After a couple of spins at home I understood why this is in so many wantlists, there's hardly a weak moment on the lp.

More info on discogs and a nice little link on request


PS. We'll have a wonderful guest-mix by one of my favourite DJs coming up very soon. Relaxed summer vibes for your precious ears!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thing from the woods

The "Thing from the woods" now up over at Lovefingers. a mix of laid back ethno oddities, electronic new age jazz, some krautfolk, obscure disco, italian prog and even a little bit of library music. pretty much the growing bin vibe ; ) Hope you guys will enjoy it. Cheers, Basso

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sequential Echos

Überfällig is Günter Schickert's second solo lp. This one was released on the Sky label in 1979. Schickert is a guitarist and uses a looping system with echo, along the same lines as Reichel, Göttsching and Bloch. Charles M. Heuer is playing drums on a few tracks, also with an echo or delay technique. Brigitta Nabucet is providing the vocals on the second track, In Der Zeit. While this lp has similarities with other recordings in the same vein, to my ears it is still uniquely Günter Schickert.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Drum & Synth

Literally drum and synth; David is playing all manner of drums and percussion and Jan Hammer is playing all manner of synthesizers and drums with occasional piano and electric piano. Time is Free was David Earle Johnson's first release as leader and some of us feel, his best. David also provides great vocals and the vocal tracks are my favorites on this lp.

Time is Free