Tuesday, November 18, 2014

in the garden

This summer I had the pleasure to play some records in the wonderful Garden at Zadar, Croatia. If you have the chance travel there - do so - you won't regret!!
Here's the recording of the first hour from saturday afternoon. Every time I listen to it I have the fondest memories of standing there in the shade, watching the ships float by, sipping on Aperol Spritz and playing some music for my lady reading a book, Bobby Beige taking a nap and the garden's guests chilling out.
I feel the urge have to mention that this mix starts with a recording by Luc Ferrari called Presque Rien No.1 (Le Lever Du Jour Au Bord De La Mer). The original recordings for this piece are said to be recorded at the croation coast not far away from Zadar so I took the opportunity to bring it back there. Kind of my way to say thank you, Monsieur Ferrari. At least I got rewarded by some strange looks of the garden's service team :) I hope you enjoy this releaxed hour ...

Hugest thanks to Bobby, Charlotte, Nick and the whole Garden Team for some amazing days in the sun!