Thursday, August 13, 2015

Instant Peterson & Andras - Diggers Rest

Two hard working men, fingertips black - exhausted from digging the deepest crates - take some time out in the middle of nowhere - somewhere down under. here's their soundtrack to chilling hard! Hugest thanks for sharing to Andy and Lew!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


woohoo - the new growing bin release is out these days. It's Moon B's Lifeworld previously released on tape by the ace Vancouver based label 1080p. On side B of the vinyl we have a proper bonus jam.
Copies are available here
Cheers, Basso

Friday, July 10, 2015

Gaveled - The Deposition Mix

Voltaire Records own Hotthobo blesses us with Gaveled: The Deposition Mix, a funky and fresh mix celebrating their newest release. The Deposition Tape by Jomeo Pugz, can be obtained at Limited to 100 copies so be quick...

Jomeo Pugz - Attorney Alley
Zanzibar Channel - Ass
Phase II - Follow Me
Jomeo Pugz - Deposition Theme
Prince - Ballad of Dorothy Parker
Doug Anthony - Love Maker
Elegant Borzoi - Phextaue
Jomeo Pugz - Adjorned
Andras Fox - Rhythm Ace
Moon B - Moments in Slank*
Sasac - Tennis Courts
Timothy J. Fairplay - Rooftop Meeting
A.R.T. Wilson - Rebecca's Theme (Water)*
Suzanne Cianni - Malibuzos
Jex Opolis - Birds and Morning Rain
Jomeo Pugz - Think Fast
Rah Band - Beyond

PS. including 2 growing bin cuts*.
One of them will be out end of June / early August


I totally forgot to post the news about this record when it finally came out in may.
"Don‘t you agree that music is best when it‘s not easy to describe it.
Just like the music of Wolfgang Barthel, Matthias Böhm and Reinhold Bauer.
Their amalgamation of oriental folk, percussive rock and meditative blues will let you drift away, dream, dance... into the storm.
Timeless Horizons is a compilation of songs originally released by Wolfgang Barthel on three private press LPs: Auf Der Suche (1984), Zeitlos (1986) and
New Horizons (1988). Original copies are almost impossible to find these days,
so welcome the Timeless Horizons..."

Cheers, Basso 

Party with Charly

Party with Charly Kingson! Coming from his privately released debut album...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alex - There, You Can Have My Youth

A fantastic new guest mix, yes. Sorry for the wait, folks!
Here's a festive trip from Basel's very own Alex aka Plattenalexander. A great mix of pensive pop, deep contemporary jazz, dubby wave and all that.  And a lot of never heard before jams. Thanks a lot for your youth Alex!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dubby - Night Mirage

I'm very happy to announce a new guest mix at the bin. A mix made by my friend Dubby from Tokyo, Japan. Dubby is a longtime collector and DJ. Last year he started the ONDAS online shop for undiscovered japanese treasures. Not a completely new thing to master Dubby as he's been the buyer for the legendary Cisco Records for 10 years.
Back to the music. Night Mirage is night music as one would guess. Relaxing yet paralizing. A night drive into the unknown dark. Experimental beauty. Enjoy your trip. THANKS DUBBY!

time to wash the car, dude!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bobby Beige - On Ibiza

Here's a mix by my friend Bobby Beige recorded whilst his first residency on Ibiza this autumn. He  usually plays lovely records all summer long in the wonderful Garden in Zadar, Croatia. Ibiza isn't bad either - especially La Escollera where the magic happened that you'e about to hear ;)
Bobby's in the music biz for a long time already. Being part of the Pork collective (he recorded as Bullitnuts, Opik and Momma Gravy) Bobby's playing chilled out music since the mid nineties. Apart from being a supernice guy Bobby got TASTE and knows his shit from Azymuth to Thrill Jockey. I had the pleasure to play some hours of back to back with him this summer and every tune that he dropped was brilliant! Just as this selection. Thanks a lot Bobby!!

Elephants stomping over cars filled with fish