Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bobby Beige - On Ibiza

Here's a mix by my friend Bobby Beige recorded whilst his first residency on Ibiza this autumn. He  usually plays lovely records all summer long in the wonderful Garden in Zadar, Croatia. Ibiza isn't bad either - especially La Escollera where the magic happened that you'e about to hear ;)
Bobby's in the music biz for a long time already. Being part of the Pork collective (he recorded as Bullitnuts, Opik and Momma Gravy) Bobby's playing chilled out music since the mid nineties. Apart from being a supernice guy Bobby got TASTE and knows his shit from Azymuth to Thrill Jockey. I had the pleasure to play some hours of back to back with him this summer and every tune that he dropped was brilliant! Just as this selection. Thanks a lot Bobby!!

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