Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the universe is velvet

By request: "Velvet Universe" was 2 young men from the area around Frankfurt/Germany - Thomas Kapke and RAIS (RAIner Sauer). They had a soft spot for epic electronic trips with guitars and astronauts voices. So do we. This record is their first from 1981. "Enigmas", their second from 1983, has also been released on Blubber Lips, a fantastic small label from Heidelberg/Germany. Check out more info on discogs. If you have further information please enlighten us. Cheers!

Get Connected

Cosmic disco? Cosmic jazz? Sure, and more. Alex covered the bases with this one. I slowed this rip down a bit. Put it on the tune stretcher, made it last longer. If you want the full speed rip I'm sure it's out there. I like 'em slow.

Cosmic Connection

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rise and Shine . . .

More Rüdiger? Sure, why not. Morning of the World was the last of his records to be released on vinyl. All electronic as usual with lots of big drum sounds. Some tracks have a tribal feel as suggested by the sleeve artwork. I doubt Mr. Lorenz ever made a bad record.

Looks like no one likes Peru; should I take it down . . ?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peru is a planet in Galaxy NL

Continents was the third lp recorded by Peru. Released in 1983 it produced two singles, Oriental in '85 and Africa in '86. Instrumentation is all electronic and features a long list of Roland synthesizers, voco-strings and rhythm composers, Linn drum computers, and Simmons drums.


Friday, June 18, 2010

super "off topic" shit

I'm pretty far from being a tifoso, but the dude you see above really makes me spit fire. He, as a proper control freak is obviously getting a kick out of pulling cards from his pockets. (as you can easily see his little excitement in the lower part of the picture ; )

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Man Band

Claude Perraudin returned to the studio in early 80s for another solo effort. There is no date listed on this lp but there was a single from it released in 1981 so I suspect that would be the date for Jogging. Once again Claude is playing guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion and providing heavily processed vocals on Speaking Birds. The tracks range from upbeat synthpopesque exercises to very laid back relaxed jams. Perraudin had a good sense of humor which you will notice on a couple tunes. This is the last of his records I've been able to locate. He is rumored to have recorded a record in 1989 called Janus under the name 'Greg Baker' and another in 1999 under his own name called Guitar Tenderness. He died in 2001.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Time Is Now

A longtime fave finally makes it on the blog.... Been wanting to share this great Elektronik LP (Berlin School influences...) for ages but somehow never made it. Time is now. This record has been released in 1979 on the small Blubber Lips label, that brought us some other fine electronic albums like Michael Bundt's "Electri City", the great Bernd Scholl LP and of course - Velvet Universe.
M. C. produced this album almost completely by himself and it is infact a pretty tight production. Deep as it gets....... Get a little more details here.
Cheers, Basso

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sound Of The Sun

"The Sound Of The Sun" by Jamie Tiller.
After hearing Jamie's fantastic "Evening shadows" mix for Noncollective I had to ask for more. So happy that he promised a mix for the bin and now here you are with some really beautiful tunes for beautiful days in the sun. Let the music do the talking.....
Thanks so much, Jamie!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cosmic Hero

Rouge production library cosmic gems composed by Chris Evans-Ironside and played by Astral Sounds. This one is from 1982 and features synthesizers (of course) and a splendid rhythm section. Lots of slapped bass strings. A few of the tracks are straight up cosmic disco and others are brooding soundtrack pieces (Unknown Aliens).

I won't keep you waiting but I can totally understand where Cesare is coming from. Some of my recent posts have one comment per 200 downloads. We know that's all you're here for. Maybe you have no idea how much time goes into ripping vinyl, splitting tracks, converting to mp3 format, tagging, photographing
and editing sleevery, zipping, uploading the files and offering a bit of a description of the music. Thankless task? For the most part. Do you expect feedback or a thank you when you gift someone with a rarity? Of course not . . .


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cosmic Alchemy

First solo lp for Claude Perraudin released in 1977. Most of his credits have been as guitarist on other artists productions starting in 1967 with Serge Lama. He also produced several Library works for Patchwork starting in 1973. Perraudin played all instruments on Mutation 24 including guitars, bass, synthesizers, drums and percussion. If you have a close look at that hour glass on the sleeve, it appears the mutation is a sex change. Hmmm

Mutation 24

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cosmique Minimalisme

Magazin Frivole was Blenner's second lp for the Sky label. This was a bit more accomplished than La Vogue and is therefore a more sought after record. The instrumentation is all electronic and the music is mostly instrumental with a few vocoded vocals on Métropole Agile.

Magazin Frivole