Thursday, June 28, 2012

'79 Lasry Coupe

This time we have the Patchwork release, Modern Way, which some folks consider to be Lasry's most rockin' record. There are some fairly scorching guitar shreds on the B side. In fact this one gets around quite a bit genre-wise. Jazzy, ambient, space rockers, whatever made the grade in 1979. I checked the blogosphere for this before posting and found quite a few copy-cat posts featuring a misnamed Patchwork compilation with a few tracks from Modern Way. Figured it wouldn't hurt to offer up the real deal. Not much in the way of credits on the sleeve but by this time we know Teddy is pretty much a one man band. He will definitely be covering synths, reeds and drums. Not sure about the guitar and bass. Once again this is a slightly modified rip. Stretched a bit.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Synthétiseur Minimale

Le Prince Apatride is the fourth album in Henry-Skoff Torgue's catalog. Torgue isn't the best known of 20th Century minimalist composers, but he is one of my personal favorites. This is a mostly solo effort with Torgue producing most of the sounds on synthesizers and piano. One track, the longest, features Olivier Darcissac on clarinet. Le Prince Apatride was released in 1980 on Spalax Music.


Monday, June 18, 2012

wtf one

wtf (short for what the fuck) is something new at the growing bin.
It's those tracks you discover while skipping through a record and
BAM! it hits you like a brick.

Here's the first one. I discovered it on a trip to Denmark some weeks ago and couldn't believe my ears.... we're talkin about 91, guys.....

wtf one

Turquoise Flusion

you like flutes? yeah me too. Love 'em! If only all sax guys changed to flutes....
As your eyes told you we have Wally Shorts' Turquoise album here. No year indicated but it sounds like early 80s. And it sounds like lovely fusion jams made in Holland. A bit of latin, a bit of funk plus a little prog and off to dreamland. According to the liner notes Wally played with Hans Dulfer, Sail, Burton Greene and Tito Puente. If that isn't enough take this: Rob V. D. Broeck on Keyboards, Neppie Noya on Percussion (of course!) and Danny Wood (whoever this is) is doing pretty well with his SYNTHI.

cheers, Basso

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Vangelis Tames the Wild Rockers

It's no secret Phos was one of the finest progressive rock albums produced after Aphrodites Child parted ways. Including Vangelis on keyboards was a stroke of genius and most folks consider the result of this collaboration the best offering from Socrates Drank the Conium. Vangelis mellowed the sound and though he co-authored only one track on the record his influence is heard throughout the  recording. My copy and my rip are from the US version on Peters International Cosmos. (label = Phonogram). This is a modified rip and the tracks are stretched a bit length-wise. It you like your tunes longish, this is your rip.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the joy of cooking #20: a coffe, a beer, green tea and some fresh orange juice

at least i found a pic with green tea and orange juice (kyoto!). please imagine the coffe and the beer - and feel free to check out another show of the joy of cooking aired tuesday 12th of april:

here (stream)
the lovely restaurant

including tracks by Sloe Gin, Radar, Aragon, Kaseke, Wolfgang Käfer, Exkurs and others.... Cheers, Basso

Sunday, June 10, 2012

in the wake of Cabinboy's sunshine

Fal Frett – Fal Frett 2
LP 3A [3A 167]  (1979)


Piano, Synthesizer, Vocal, Composer - Jacky Bernard
Bass, Vocal - Alex Bernard
Saxophone, Vocal, Composer - Bib Monville
Lead Vocal, Percussions - Ralph Thamar
Flute, Vocal, Composer - Robin Vautor
Percussions, Vocal - Nicol Bernard
Drums, Vocal - Jacky Alpha

Engineer, Mixer - Robert Denis
Photo - Philippe Bourgade

Buy it here or here.

You have to thank Cabinboy who shared with me this fantastic record. Thank you Cabinboy!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jeff Resnick... nine minute sample of a holy grail record

That's a nine minute taste of one of my favourite albums "ever".

I have to thank Reza's post for letting me discover it.

That's how Jazzy Jeff Resnick (who recently joined The Growing Bin: thank you Jeff!) describes his Holy Grail record:

In 1978, I scored the music for a promotional film about the School of American Craftsmen and School of Art and Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My challenge was to create “tone poems” as an emotional connection to each department within the schools. Thus, the song titles on this CD! The first 5 tracks were recorded and mixed in four hours, thanks to very talented musicians from the Eastman School of Music. When the money ran out (rather quickly), I was asked what I could do for Side 2 of a promotional LP to be pressed as a hand-out to prospective students nationwide. I fired up my 4-track reel-to-reel deck and entered the bizarre world of the “one-man-band” for the first time. That process is much easier today with computers and MIDI, but in 1978 I was way ahead of the curve! The final four selections were layered, track upon track, using a metronome for tempo. That was the last I heard about the project until 30 years later, when the “last sealed copies” of the LP were sold on the Internet for more money than I remember being paid in 1978 to produce the entire project! Since then, music from the film has been heard worldwide, leading me to produce this “Collector Limited Edition.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working (and playing) on it. And Thanks to Gianni for "finding me."
Jeff Resnick

So, you have three options:

1) keep searching on ebay another copy of 1978 original vinyl
(I suggest you to start saving a lot of money: check here or here)

2) buy a personalized (thank you Jeff!) 14,99 $ CD copy here!

3) buy mp3s here or here.

What can I say more?
I agree with Reza's comment:
great to see the cd "Collector Limited Edition" is available to purchase on your website, hope your receiving some just rewards, think the whole thing would be worthy of a proper vinyl reissue, up in my top ten fave albums, thank you

Holy Grail territory.
All Killer No Filler.

Cosmic Petrology

More Lasry? Of course; never too much Lasry in the Bin. Seven Stones is another RCA Victor production media outing. This time we have help from Denis Lable on electric guitar and Joël Fagerman playing a Prophet 5 synth on Amethyst, the first track on the B side of this lp. Multi-instrumentalist Lasry plays: RMI Keyboard Computer, ARP Odyssey, Micro Moog, Prophet 5, Korg Polyphonic Ensemble, Korg 3300, Fender Piano, soprano saxophone, clarinette, flutes, drums and percussion. How's that for a credits list? Lasry is a champion instrumentalist.  The record was released in 1979. Nuff said . . .

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jean-Louis Bucchi - Sunflower

Jean-Louis Bucchi - Sunflower (Trema, 1978)

Having been unable to find a decent rip of this French gem, I figured I had to give it a spin. Enjoy!

For more Bucchi, check out Dusty Shelf here and here.
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