Sunday, June 10, 2012

in the wake of Cabinboy's sunshine

Fal Frett – Fal Frett 2
LP 3A [3A 167]  (1979)


Piano, Synthesizer, Vocal, Composer - Jacky Bernard
Bass, Vocal - Alex Bernard
Saxophone, Vocal, Composer - Bib Monville
Lead Vocal, Percussions - Ralph Thamar
Flute, Vocal, Composer - Robin Vautor
Percussions, Vocal - Nicol Bernard
Drums, Vocal - Jacky Alpha

Engineer, Mixer - Robert Denis
Photo - Philippe Bourgade

Buy it here or here.

You have to thank Cabinboy who shared with me this fantastic record. Thank you Cabinboy!


Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta said...

Simon666 said...

Thanks Cabinboy and Gianni!

arnold paole said...

As always, great share. Thanks to both Cabinboy and Gianni!

boogieman said...

Grand merci! I discovered this band thru' French west indian radios when i was in the West Indies some 30 years ago but i never managed to find their album(s). Very good, Weather Report-inspired with a typical West Indian touch. Highly recommended.

boogieman said...

After listening: this album is much less Weather Report than the first one and more tropical / brazilian. It has some solid pieces of jazz fusion nevertheless. Highly recommended as an illustration of the kind of music one could hear in the French West Indies in the late 70 / early 80. Before the Zouk tidal wave!

basso said...

amazing. just my kind of fusion. thanks a LOT Cabinboy and Cesare!

Simon666 said...

First now album up at my blog, thanks to orangefunk!

Simon666 said...

First album up at my blog, thansk to Orangefunk!

the jazzstronaut said...

Cheers guys, really wonderful stuff.

Mimi Soul said...

Grazie mille Gianni , merci mille fois Cabinboy. French west indies classic here !


Hanimex 3000 said...

GREAT! the 3 first Fal Frett's records are really excellent (the 4th one being okay though).