Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Asking the gods

A recent fave that has to be shared - Leon Gieco's Solo Le Pido A Dios. Pretty tough to categorize music if you're not an expert in south american /argentinian music like me. But what is categorizing for anyway. All I can say is that it's different from most of the music I've heard by now and it's astonishingly beautiful too.

cheers, Basso

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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Follower of The Growing Bin, Mattias, approached me with a bunch of albums for us to enjoy. From jazz to avantgarde, this is all fine stuff. Thanks for sharing, Mattias :)


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Steele Bonus - In The Shade

Many of you will know australian DJ, RecordCollector and Graphics Designer Steele Bonus' mixes from places like Italians do it betterNoise in my head, Noncollective and Future Classic. So you will happily join him and come on over into the shade for a one and a half hour all vinyl mix made of deep and heavyweight tunes from the psychedelic side of chilled out funky stuff... massive mix of "neverheardbefore's"!

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Thanks a lot Steele!!!

PS. Make sure to check Steele's amazing Odd Waves mixes here

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coo-Coo, Coo-Coo!

Being released privately by the group and Josef Alterbaum (who recorded and mixed it) and pressed in limited quantities makes it almost impossible to find on original vinyl. The wonderful person I got my copy from bought it directly from the group when they were touring Germany in 1978.
The music is somewhere between Krautrock and proper Jazzrock (with Jazzrock being the stronger part in the mix)) and I guess it will appeal to Jazzheads as to Kraut-Fans. Partially very funky and then there's that Ethno vibe in some of the tracks that we love a lot. Supposingly Gert Lueken is responsible for these vibes. He wrote, arranged and played synths, piano, percussion and clarinet on Tri Atma records some years later! In 1975 he played live with the Krautjazzers Thirsty Moon (highly recommended too and a lot easier to find... reissues!!!)
Over at Green Brain and Friends they say that the guys were also responsible for the Malcom Locks LP but I couldn't find any more information on that, so I dare to call it a rumour. If you know more, please TELL US! Cheers!

Get some info here
and the link from the comments.

Friday, May 3, 2013

what does Sussex sound like?

This is Circus Music from the late 80s - and what a surprise!
Among the musicians: Zabba Lindner (Tomorrow's Gift, Release Music Orchestra, ES, ...), Kurt Rudschuck (Pago Pago), Sid Gautama (Aera, Nine Days Wonder) and percussionist Sergio Bore!!
The style is a unique mix of 80s fusion jazz with pop / dance that partly has a decent worldmusic feel to it. And a good part of Circus magic.....

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