Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Relax and you'll be out of that damn thing in no time

Guitar and vibraphone. I'm listening to that combination a lot lately so I thought sharing some of it would be the thing to do. I'm a total sucker for Florian Poser's vibes so there was no need to playcheck the record when I found it in a shop some time ago. I do remember that at home it was the first one on the deck. Some blissed out 40 minutes later I "woke up" and listened to some more records, but none of those was half as nice as this here LP. But beware! The whole record is really relaxed and - of course - acoustic, no drums, no synths etc. Just some good old handmade music!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Star Dance

Mostly solo effort from the guitarist and main songwriter in Jane. Hess is playing guitar, bass, keys and drums. He has help on drums from Bernie Van Der Graaf and Rosebud on a few tracks, Ulli Heicher plays bass and percussion on Vegas, and Wolfgang Krantz provides strings on 3 tracks. Sternentanz was released on the Sky label in 1983. The sound is quite different from the progressive Kraut that Jane was making. More of a cosmic sheen on these jams as befits a record named Star Dance.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Deep in the Bamboo Cosmos

Peaceful Solutions was a collaboration between Kirby Shelstad and Richard Allen, two musicians from Nashville, Tennessee. This, their first lp, was released in 1984. Richard Allen made the instruments he is playing from bamboo. Various flutes including shakuhachi and transverse, whistles and bamboo saxophones were among the instruments used on this recording. Kirby Shelstad added synthesizers, vibraphone and various percussion instruments. The music is a kind of a folk/new age fusion and the result is unbelievable.

Peaceful Solutions

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Space Between by ABEL

Autumn again! I couldn't imagine anything nicer than sitting at home in the warmth, looking at the raindrops run down the window and listen to this beautiful mix Abel is spoiling us with from today on. It's been on repeat since I got it and i'm damn happy to share it with you. Off the hook!! Make sure to check out Abel's mixes on Lovefingers, Dreamchimney, Noncollective and Noiseinmyhead and of course get a copy of his fantastic edits on Blackdisco instantly.
But listen to this first. THE SPACE BETWEEN.
Thanks so much Abel!