Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's like cycling

The two of my turntables didn't spin at the same time for ages ... ... After finding some lovely LPs on the fleamarket yesterday morning something bit me and I blew of the dust of the left MarkII. In the beginning it wasn't working too well, but after a few more minutes I was in it and it was fun. It's LIKE CYCLING - once you got it ......... so here's something like a Megamix of my favourite Michael Rother jams.

Dreamlike Land

Richard Schneider Jr.' s "Dreamlike Land" is my favourite LP for quite a while now.
Please excuse that I won't say anything about the style of this goody. Just imagine Jaki Liebezeit on Drums, a guy called Jumpy (Helmut Zerlett) on keys & synths, almighty Wolfgang Maus on Bass and an ironic Mr. Schneider on Glockenspiel, Acoustic 12 String guitar, Synthesizer, Tubelar Bells, Tambourine & Cowbells ........ See you at the beach!