Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wutt wutt

May I present Supersempfft's 2nd LP called "Metaluna" released on the private Wunderwerke Label in 1981. Other than the Roboterwerke and Futurist LPs released on CBS and RCA this album does not feature discoid pre techno tracks but reaggae, calypso and soca influenced electronics unlike anything else in the world of music. Performed by mastermind Dieter Kolb and the drummachine's inventor Franz Knüttel with the help of Franz Aumüller's creative genius (he's responsible for the incredible cover art).
This is freaked out shit!
Anyone interested in this?


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Better than pilsener?

Maybe? Best is "Piano Jazz from Chechoslovakia" PLUS a lovely pilsener
as I'm celebrating it right now. You have to know that Piano jazz is just my thing.
I am a big fan of Ahmad Jamal, Carla Bley, Wofgang Dauner, Friedrich Gulda,
Lalo Schifrin, Duke Pearson, Krzystof Komeda, Joe Zawinul, Mary Lou Williams and of course Oscar Peterson and all the other great guys (such as Jan Hammer, Ladislav Gerhardt, Rudolf Rokl, Josef Blaha, Karel Ruzicka & Ludek Svabensky) and for me this LP is heaven!
I bought it because of Jan Hammer. I was pretty amazed when I heard his "Malma Maliny" LP on MPS from 1969 because it is quite different from "Tubbs & Valery". I was as amazed when I heard these recordings here - he's so fresh! as we described HipHop acts in the early 90ies.
So are his czech comrades. It is hard to pick a favourite. Every track is different (the pilsener is working by now) an of course brilliant. But decisions have to be made and so I pick "Made in Tunesia" which will soon be a favourite among Compact Disc Jockeys and "Swingin" that is finished right now. Děkuij!

Na zdraví!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Bouillabass versus Lauren

The Crew's 3rd release on Calig featuring Lauren Newton.
There's a lot more freedom in here and it's not my cup of tea.
But ( and this is a very big but) "Bouillabass" is a monster of a tune
and I like "Flying Bird" just as much (check out KEY's same titled LP
from 1977 on Calig including the wonderful "Birds Flying").
Please understand that I cannot say too much about the rest of the tracks
except from "great instrumentation" or "interesting structures" and a "voice".



Back to Jazz. Here's the Frederic Rabold Crew plus Martin Ederer on guitar
from 1974. Lots of energy coming from a drawer somewhere between funky and free. Released on the small Calig (Caritas Lichtbild Gesellschaft) Label from Munich that released incredible LPs like Tomasz Stanko's "Purple Sun", two LPs by Milan Pilar's infamous Catch Up, a rather free Wolfgang Dauner album and three great LPs by Frederic Rabold and his men (later accompanied by Lauren Newton and her voice gives me a strange feeling in the back of my head so I'll not be mentioning her further on).
This is the Crew's 2nd release on Calig, "Flair" from 1972 being the 1st and "Balance" from 1977 the 3rd. (I am still missing "Flair"- offers welcome). As far as I know the Crew's output this is my favourite FRC album. There are 3 more LPs I used to have (one was silverish, one yellow and one on MPS and that tango wasn't too funky) but I got rid of them some years ago.
Back to what I like: every track on this gem (except from "Time Machine")!


PS. Did U.F.O. sample "Yahtzee"?

Rhythm Combination & Brass - Wild chick, 1974

I'd bet I'm the last one discovering this amazing session.
If not, enjoy my favourite "Big Band" and the birth of a new dance:


This is the antipode to Heinz Funk.
A lovely and warm breeze embraces me when listening to this.


No kitsch, no Apache, no Popcorn! Weird describes it best.
Heinz Funk never became famous for his soundtracks for
cheesy german Edgar Wallace thrillers or detective TV series.
Due to Wikipedia the 1915 born FUNK still lives.....
I bought that LP in the early 90ies just because of Heinz'
family name. Back home I was pretty disappointed.
This has nothing to do with Funk except from the fact
that it's pure Funk playing. Enough!
The great Luke Vibert called my attention to this goody
by putting "Baccarole" on his Nuggets comp.
It's hard to pick a favourite on this one, but after some
time thinking it had to be the closing track "Wedding Of The Stars".
Unfortunately the B-Side shows some audible scratches.
I guess some friends of mine (sincere Heinz Funk fans)
danced on the record after dancing to it at a party!
PS IF you like this one scroll way down and check out the great Petr Spaleny

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Girl you move me

Some of you might remember that this was my favourite song for
longer than half a year. That's a long time for a guy who shows strong variety-seeking-behaviour. The LP version starts off rather spacy -
this Live version is nailed down to the floor of the "Blow Up".
Unfortunately it lasts just for a few minutes. I'd love to hear the whole show.......
Anyway, this is one of my "unfortunate love" tracks, another one is "Pretty girl" by the Beginning of the End. What about yours?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I want that spaceship!

What I like most about all that "Cosmic Disco" stuff is that I
cannot take it too serious. I like the sounds and the rhythms
and all that (guess it reminds of the days when we returned home
from the playground to watch Captain Future on TV) but all that
can't keep me from giggling once in a while.
Anyway I like dancing with a moronic smile on my face!
I dont't laugh when listening to "Tschoung Fu" - one of the laid back
beauties featured on this excellent LP.


Does anybody know what the F. in his name stands for?