Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I want that spaceship!

What I like most about all that "Cosmic Disco" stuff is that I
cannot take it too serious. I like the sounds and the rhythms
and all that (guess it reminds of the days when we returned home
from the playground to watch Captain Future on TV) but all that
can't keep me from giggling once in a while.
Anyway I like dancing with a moronic smile on my face!
I dont't laugh when listening to "Tschoung Fu" - one of the laid back
beauties featured on this excellent LP.


Fizzy Billy said...

Hello Astronauts,

i want that spaceship too:


soulbrotha said...
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soulbrotha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
soulbrotha said...

I will take your word for it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Basso, I'm new to the blog and have really enjoyed some of the albums downloaded, especially the Peter Trunk,
I'd love to hear "Music In The Universe" but the divshare is password protected. Can you help?

basso said...


I'll have a look,
but that password thing is new to me.
Probably my alter ego did this....

I'll try to fix it.


Anonymous said...

little birds sung the following:
the password is password

Geraldo said...

Man, thanks. I love the Droids

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm digging droids right now. just discovered your blog, and this album. would never have heard of it otherwise. i'm setting up a radio show, and i think i'll open an episode with this. thanks!

basso said...

let me know when the show is on.

Rock Savage said...

I have to download this after your very funny post. I love the way you site looks. Nice design. I will add you to my blog roll too.

Great Site

Rock Savage

aceha1 said...

you're the man, man! thanks for all you do!

Jonathan said...

link is dead, mind re-upping?

Anonymous said...

ere you are:

Anonymous said...