Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wutt wutt

May I present Supersempfft's 2nd LP called "Metaluna" released on the private Wunderwerke Label in 1981. Other than the Roboterwerke and Futurist LPs released on CBS and RCA this album does not feature discoid pre techno tracks but reaggae, calypso and soca influenced electronics unlike anything else in the world of music. Performed by mastermind Dieter Kolb and the drummachine's inventor Franz Knüttel with the help of Franz Aumüller's creative genius (he's responsible for the incredible cover art).
This is freaked out shit!
Anyone interested in this?



basso said...

check this out:

swab-one said...

very much interested :-)

ARF said...

Never heard this one ... will be pleasure to see a post here.

Supersempfft said...


Gianni said...

thank you!!!
I adore "I see stars"

Jazz-Nekko said...


this was a surprise to listen to after reading your introduction. I had imagined something much, much more bizarre. Rather it was progressive rock/fusion with some tints of jazz, electronica dashed in - a pleasant listen but not my cup of tea.

Ich habe umgehfahr sex jachren im Ostalbkreis gewohnt und als Professpr hbe ich gearbeitet. Ich mag die Schwaebischer akkent. . .

do you know my blog? [ ]

perhaps we might exchange links?

the main point of dropping a comment to you is that i have been searching for quite a while for a Swiss jazz set. Seeing as you are fairly close (much more so than me here in Japan) and you share a certain Teutonic cultural ties with your southern neighbour AND you are perhaps the only other person I have met that knows the Calig label - could you please try and help me locate: Roman Schwaller "Klaus Weiss Quintet on Tour" (1979, Calig CAL-30623) [it features Mal Waldron]

Drop in at my blog and leave me a comment if you can help or not,



basso said...

Hi Jazz-Nekko,

thanks for uncovering my shallow and "dustygroovesque" description of this LP. I am working too much too be more precise with what I call my hobby. I promise I will do better in the future ;)

who wonders that it was a commercial flop?

Jazz-Nekko said...


thanks for your posts at "the pit" but due to jet-lag i accidently deleted the hodeir links you sent me! ach, ich bin blud. . .

could you please re-send me?



Rock Savage said...

Downloading your comp at El Reza, Can't wait to check it out!!!

Rock Savage

Anonymous said...

Can somebody help me out with the Z-Share link please??? It's not letting me download

basso said...

STRANGE! I'll upload it again.
This evening or tomorrow morning.


basso said...

It's back:

I hope you enjoy it!

Filmore Mescalito Holmes said...

This is awesome. Any chance you've got their other two albums, or know where I could hear them?

Zeroy said...

My cup of tea precisely. I'd have bought it new had I ever seen or heard of it. This is fun and there is certainly nothing wrong with that . . .