Sunday, March 23, 2008


What is Space Funk? "It's all about the synths" - I guess.
Here's 3 Zips packed with what I call Space Funk. With this selection I'm trying to chracterize a highly subjective definition of something (ehhm). I don't claim this definition to be any kind of "official", it's just a couple of tunes really. Don't expect too much - it's a mix of Jazz, Funk and Disco ; ) But nevertheless please have a listen and then TELL ME WHAT'S MISSIN!!! For real - I know that there must be a whole lot of music that may fit into my definition of Space Funk and I have never heard that, heard about that or forgot about it. So please do me a favour and tell me what I'm missing, folks!

Enjoy Volumes ONE, TWO and THREE without password protection

cheers, Basso

pic: René Magritte - The voice of space, 1931 oil on canvas

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stanko's Purple Sun

One more of those darn Calig LPs.
I recently left a link for this one at Jazz-Nekko's Pit,
but there were no proper cover-photos with it.
Now after a short shooting session here's my favourite
Tomasz Stanko LP just for you.


Schlüssel on Calig

"Schlüssel" is the german word for key. It's the one that unlocks the door.
Another german word for key is "Taste". It's a part of the piano.
There's not much info about Key in the net (my first time using this common phrase), so I'll have to work with whats' given on the backcover. Key consists of 5 very young musicians. My guess is that they all are students at that time. The leading figure seems to be Markus Stockhausen, son of Karl Heinz Stockhausen, and he's 20 years old when recording that particular album. Actually he's the only one of the group I have ever heard about, but as you probably know my knowledge is very limited. The liner notes by Manfred Schoof report about an exciting and interesting young group ..... all compositions were written by members of the group ...... group of great promise....
The only thing I might add is that I like this LP because of the playful variation of styles. Even within the tracks. "Please be good to me" starts off rather powerful switches into funky and slips into a more loveboatish Bob James part.
My favourites are the modal "Birds flying" and the free ballad "Rheda".
It's yours.

Key (1977 Calig)
recorded @ Dierks Sudio Stommeln
Recording Engineer: Justus Liebig

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's the new style

After having released 5 LPs as the "Dave Pike Set" on MPS certain changes in the group led to the "New Dave Pike Set". Eberhard Weber replaces Johann Rettenbacher on Bass and Marc Hellmann takes over Peter Baumeister's job on drums. On their first and last release they are accompagnied by a brazilian rhythm group the "Grupo Baiafro". Due to the pictures in the foldcover the Baiafros are having fun, while Dave and his Teutonic Jazzmen are looking dead serious (especially der olle Kriegel), but that's pictures only.
Listen to what they did....


Monday, March 17, 2008

What is science fiction these days?

more music this week.
thanks for being patient.