Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stanko's Purple Sun

One more of those darn Calig LPs.
I recently left a link for this one at Jazz-Nekko's Pit,
but there were no proper cover-photos with it.
Now after a short shooting session here's my favourite
Tomasz Stanko LP just for you.



Nestor said...

Did I leave my umbrella here at the bin?

calisan said...

Ooohhh my goooood!! I can't believe it!! This is one of the best records in my life!!
Thanks! I have a CD rip but the covers are great!
Everything here is fantastic!
I have some records from MPS with covers (High Res)
If you need something... just tell me
Thanks!!!! Thanks!!
(? sorry for my english)

Jazz-Nekko said...


gut gemacht! over the call of duty but warmly appreciated -



Gianni said...

ciao basso,
I like this stanko lp!
Happy Easter too everyone here...

Peter said...

Noice!!!!! Thank you for the covers, to complement the rip you left at JN's!