Sunday, March 23, 2008


What is Space Funk? "It's all about the synths" - I guess.
Here's 3 Zips packed with what I call Space Funk. With this selection I'm trying to chracterize a highly subjective definition of something (ehhm). I don't claim this definition to be any kind of "official", it's just a couple of tunes really. Don't expect too much - it's a mix of Jazz, Funk and Disco ; ) But nevertheless please have a listen and then TELL ME WHAT'S MISSIN!!! For real - I know that there must be a whole lot of music that may fit into my definition of Space Funk and I have never heard that, heard about that or forgot about it. So please do me a favour and tell me what I'm missing, folks!

Enjoy Volumes ONE, TWO and THREE without password protection

cheers, Basso

pic: René Magritte - The voice of space, 1931 oil on canvas


Gianni said...

hi basso,
I've just downloaded your 2 files.
great selections!
some tracks you put are disco space tracks like methusalem, or just funky like superior elevation, or soul space funk like faze-o, or jazz space like stanley cowell, or just space like supermax, or space disco funk like mandré or cloud one, or space soul like ronnie foster, or space funk blues like your chocolate milk track, or space soul jazz like gene harris, or space funk electronic like dick hyman .
in your selections "pure space funk" tracks are, in my opinion, these: manzel, atmosfear, gary wilson, where funky bass/guitar sound is cooled linked with synths and spacey backgrounds and loud drums.
I am waiting for third part...
peace and love

basso said...

hi there,

the link for Vol. III is now set.
@ Gianni: Thanks for your comment!
How about some recommendations?
I am happy about any kind of music that has a little Space Funk in it!!

cheers, Basso

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Frank Strazzeri-Cloudburst, one of my favorites. Haven't heard it in years. Thank you!

pastor said...

Great site! thank you so much for taking the time to set all this up, its awesome and i am learing about all kinds of great stuff!

Michael Can't Sleep said...

Thanks for putting those collections together. I can't wait to listen.

basso said...

Thanks for the comments but
I cannot hide a good hunk of disappointment. I really thought I might get some suggestions from you guys.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sebastian
Dein SpaceFunk ist Cool.

Vielen Dank!

petrus said...

thanks for some great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sebastian,

Wie gehts? Vielen Dank. On heavy rotation here in Antigua.

Take it easy,


irondef said...

basso, try amon duul II's "spaniards and spacemen", it is very strange and good...

irondef said...

actually, i will try to whip up a quick divshare for you later this weekend... I have enjoyed your blog, will return the favor.

Zalman said...

I'm a fan of PURE Electronic Music.
So I need the following albums of "Frederic Mercier"

His music is something like VANGELIS' works.

I hope you can share them with me.
As these ones are hard to find and I didn't have any chances for finding them.

Thanks in advance.

Frederic Mercier (France)

+ ou - 8000 (1978) (with Teddy Lasry and Claude Perraudin)
World (??)
Industry (??) (with Guy Boulanger and E. Vercy)
The World Of Frédéric Mercier (1984)
Music Band (1984)
Jingles (1984) (with Teddy Lasry)
Aventure (1986)


rivaldials said...

hey basso...

ive been working on a space funk vinyl mixtape for about a year,
and the one thing i think you are missing, a big hit, is Magic Fly by the french band, SPACE.
have you heard it? you can you tube it.

basso said...

@ Irondef

Thanks for your help. I'd be very happy to hear the suggested track.
I know (if having heard it ten years ago means to know) that first Amon Düül album and I didn't like it too much. Never cared about their work after that quick listen. I'll do in the future...


basso said...

@ Zalman:

Thanks for letting me know about Monsieur Mercier. It will now be even harder to win his stuff on ebay.....
Just kidding. I don't have that stuff, but will visit a couple of recordstores in the southwestern part of Germany the next few days If I find something at a reasonable price (means less than 5€) I'll pick it up and if it's worth the time (means if I like it too) I'll rip it.
Inbetween look for some Spacediscoish Mercier here:


basso said...

@ Noah:

Hi Noah.
Thanks a lot for your help.
I know and have and love that Magic Fly. Actually it is one of those Disco LPs that could be find in every second crate on fleamarkets here in Germany in the nineties. Guess I still have a bunch of copies in the basement. I didn't pick it because I already had some other discoish tracks in the mix and I like Methusalem a LOT.
Thanks AGAIN for the video.
I love their helmets. Will make one for me - would you like one too?


Djalma said...

Hi Basso, I've just seen your comment on my "Guess Who?" post, and I have to say, you've guessed it! It's Extra Ball alright! Anyway, I've just wanted to thank you for having time to help me with my wishlist... Thanks bro!


irondef said...


Speak of the devil, and he appears.

Shortly after suggesting amon duul ii's "spaniards and spacemen", the lp was posted on another blog (lamaraba). So here is the link:

Anonymous said...

loving the space
loving the funk

atmosfear is really hard to find. many thanks for that and the other lost tracks!

Jeldrik said...

hey basso, thank you a lot for this compilation. I would add two great tracks. They are also more funky space disco but worth a listening!

* metro area - atmosphrique
* ashra - Ice train

Zalman said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
basso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
basso said...

Thanks a lot Jeldrik,
great tunes!!

basso said...




basso said...

the space funk comps have been removed due to the lack of help from the downloading party.

Tim M said...

i would extremely greatful if you were to tell me the password to these files... i haven't downloaded anything yet, but this blogs looks incredible beyond belief... a wet dream!

thanks again for everything you have placed on this blog; i look forward to enjoying what you have to share with us!


John Zahl said...

yes, i too would love to hear these three and possibly contribute some more tracks to the space disco list! -JAZ+

oui said...

quotes: "the space funk comps have been removed due to the lack of help from the downloading party."

i'm finding your post only now, so sure, by removing the files you've highly improved the lack of help from the download party. why punishing yourself this way?

Anonymous said...

In 1999 Dan the Automator and DJ Josh Davis (aka DJ Shadow) along with Nana Simopoulos remixed and reworked a collection of tracks that came from the bungalow of legendary Indian masala film director Anandji V. Shah after sitting for nearly 25 years.

Shah along with his brother not only wrote and directed dozens, perhaps several hundreds of films, and scored them as well throughout the '60s, '70s, and '80s.

This release definitely has a space funk feel to it. As well as most of Anandji V. Shah's scores, but they are hard to find (at least in the U.S)

dãm-funk for Southern Cali space funk:

Would love to hear these, hit me up at krycekbeat AT gmail DOT com, maybe we could work something out?

Nada said...

Mmm... Space Funk

Well, for me it would be Don Sebesky, Stefano Torossi, David Axelrod (not always...) and surely a lot of stuff from libraries such as KPM, De Wolfe etc

Kevin said...


I'd love to hear the space funk comps. Can you please repost them so I can maybe give you some more suggestions. Hope you're doing well!

Best, Kevin

basso said...

Hi guys,
guess I'll have to upload the stuff again....

J.R said...

Hey there,

I tried to download your space funk comps (as i am a particularly huge fan of this style of music) but i need a password to do so. Can you help me out with this? Amazing blog btw. Turned me on to plenty of rad jams.

Anonymous said...

dying to hear this!
password PLEASE, mr. Basso!

great blog!

basso said...

sham on me. I totally forgot to care about this here post. i don't remember the password myself. it was probably someting about manzel but i'll try to remove the password anyway. maybe we'll have a part 4 in the future if some of you guys contribute some tracks I'd be very happy....

basso said...

Space Funk - Volume II

1. Mandré - Solar Flight
2. Ronnie Foster - Love Satellite
3. Asha Puthli - Space Talk
4. Chocolate Milk - Time Machine
5. Mike Mandel - Jupiter Fingers
6. Gene Harris - Losalamitoslatinfunklovesong
7. Funk Factory - Rien ne va plus
8. Christian Bruhn - Wetten dass..
9. McNeal & Niles - Untitled
10. Cloud One - Atmospheric Strut
11. Zodiac - Ths Sky's Back
12. Mass Production - Cosmic Lust
13. Arp Life - Bu-Bu
14. Dick>Hymen - Give it up!

basso said...

Space Funk - Volume III

1. Attilio Mineo - Space Age World's Fair
2. Snowball - Tender Storm
3. Eddie Russ - See The Light
4. Dexter Wansel - Theme From The Planets
5. Lonnie Liston Smith - Space Lady
6. James Mason - Sweet Power You Embrace
7. Sven Libaek - Destination Omega
8. Gil Scott Heron - We Almost Lost Detroit
9. SBB - Follow My Dreams
10. Rhythm Makers - Zone
11. Marty Moore - Radiation Funk
12. Larry Young - Spaceball
13. Fred Wesley & The J.B.s - Blow Your Head
14. Andre Previn - Executive Party
15. Süpermax - Alassio

basso said...

Space Funk - Volume I

1. Atmosfear - Outer Space
2. Manzel - Space Funk
3. Methusalem - Robotism
4. Superior Elevation -Get it...
5. George Duke - Prepare Yourself
6. Gary Wilson - Dreams
7. Frank Strazzeri - Cloudburst
8. Brian Bennett - Ocean Glide
9. Norman Connors - The Creator...
10. Faze-O - Ridin' High
11. David Benoit - Los Angeles
12. Venus Gang - Love To Fly
13. Stanley Cowell - El Space-O
14. Süpermax - It's A Long Way To Reach Heaven

Anonymous said...

Awesome comps, thanks. About half of the songs are already all-time favorites, and it is great to hear some new stuff in a similar vein!

Jon Darby

whitepunksondope said...

Across the three sections you have made a mighty fine stab at the definitive kosmichespacefunkgroovemotorik collection. Saw someone mention the classic Amon Duul II 'spaniards & spacemen" from the 1978 "Only Human" album. Generally considered their worst album by hardcored AMII fans for including 'god forbid' disco elements, I love it especially the S&S track and 'Ruby Lane' & 'Kismet' (Pilooski did a killer re-edit of the last track, better than the original in fact). Why not do a no4. and open it up to us readers to give three selections each and you choose the best..just an idea!

whitepunksondope said...

Ps : I thought one of the comments was so sweet : "ive been working on a space funk vinyl mixtape for about a year,and the one thing i think you are missing, a big hit, is Magic Fly by the french band, SPACE.
have you heard it?"
Its a little like saying I am making a punkrock compilation and have you heard god saves the queen by the sex pistols...I am not being cruel I hope, everyone has to start somewhere. By the way, the Space 1985 Magic Fly remix is well worth hearing as well as the 77 original.

Horia Puscuta said...

dead links...