Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shopping Info

One of my hobbies is to cut, repair and strech odd tracks that make me dance, dance, dance. Andrew Lovefingers pressed some of these tracks on wax now and at least one of the tracks is really burning! This record should be findable in every GOOD recodstore around the globe ; )
Hope you guys dig it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The joy of cooking KRAUT

Hi folks, tuesday october 19th at 10pm Central European Time (2 pm eastern, 11am western) my second show on will be aired. It's a "Kraut" special this time. A bit of good old krautrock as well as some jazz and obscure 80s stuff... but no Kraftwerk, no Cluster, no Can, almost none of the big names featured but you know them already anyway ; )
Hope you'll enjoy it!! Cheers, Basso

the show is archived now. you can stream or download it here

Starting with a very short track (=no track) by hobby musician group Thotes Schwein and their 1981 hit "Schwuler Frosch". Sounds like there's some good old german beerspirit involved too.
Next up is Alex Oriental Experience. A dealer who showed me that fantastic double album lately called the guy "Türken-Alex". The decision of having a turkish influenced track as the "first" track in a Kraut-Mix is a political one!
Alex is followed by Agitation Free, one of my favourite krautrock bands - ever! This one here called "First Communication" is the opener to their second LP.
"Öffnen Sie Mal Ihre Tasche" comes from a private press 80s LP called Subtanz.
It's followed by Moebius and Rentzihausen's opener of ther Ersatz LP.
Next up my favourite Richard Schneider Jr. tune "Regine's Dance".
"Wereld World" has been edited by Tako and you'll find it on one of the ESP Concentration Vol. 1 12"s.
Off to some more folky vibes we have Gadzho with "Manege" followed by the International Geräuschorchester.
Next is a collaboration of Kraan and Guru Guru called "Leopardenkästchen" unfortunately only to be found on a pretty rare Promo LP from a southern german radiostation. Hugest thanks to Paul at the Plattenrille for that one : )
Next we have Ceddo's mastermind Jochen Schlumpf. Must admit that I forgot the title and can't find the damn record in the chaos right now....
Off to another gifted guitarrero - Martin Müller - accompanied by Hakim Ludin and Michael Höfler with the title track of the truly wonderful Avenida Atlantica LP. Mos definitely one of my favourite finds of the last years.
Voodooish vibes from Frankfurt in "Sister Magic" by Iviron. A strange story about a guy who goes home with a fifteen year old girl and then finds out that girl's got balls ; )
The joy of cooking kraut closes with Janus' "Gravedigger" a perfect neverending kraut hymn from the UK.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Explosive Sounds . . .

Timer is the second lp from Gian Piero Reverberi, published in 1976. The music ranges from laid back atmospheric tracks with gorgeous female vocals, to full tilt epic renditions of classical compositions featuring synth heavy arrangements. It's all built for long lasting listening pleasure. (Are you sold yet?)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the growing bin informs again

After Cracklin' Chimney (thanks a lot, man) posted a Lullatone video over at Dreamchiney's TOTD I ordered the first copy I could get a hold of. This is some damn beautiful music. I'm pretty sure it will make children sleep and dream the sweetest dreams but it also creates a wonderful atmosphere in our adult kitchen everytime I play that CD (and that's almost daily!!!)

How they promote the CD here: “Let Lullatone send you to sleep with their newest collection of lullabies. Originally composed for their newborn son, this set of merry-go-round melodies is the perfect bedtime background music for babies and adults alike. Each track is specially composed to loop seamlessly using the “repeat one” function on your CD or mp3 player, allowing unlimited long listening. Single melodies can also be enjoyed seamlessly for hours at a time as you drift to dreams, letting the songs spin in circles. And the artwork also uses a special die cut cover to allow the music’s disc to spin too! The production on the album features a high level of sound science to ensure ultimate effectiveness in snooze induction. Underwater recordings, heartbeats as drumbeats and tape hiss as ambient white noise are just the beginning of the shuteye science the duo employed to create their most careful concept album to date.”

Ace present for young parents btw ; )

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Constellation Latvia

Disco Alliance is the first lp recorded by Latvian instrumental rock band, Zodiac. The group was organized by composer Jānis Lūsēns and the band was made up of fellow students from the Latvian State Conservatory. This lp was enormously successful and is still highly regarded 30 years later. The music leans more towards space rock than disco, with synthesizers taking a prominent role in the mix.

Disco Alliance

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fields of Estonia

That last post went over so well I'll try not to post any more cosmic disco lps. Downloads galore, but when you label it cheese people are embarrassed to give it their approval, even when it's well played and included in the top disco mixes. My girlfriend predicted this result and she called it right. Ha ha.

Now for something completely different. Synopsis was an Estonian progressive rock band originally formed in 1977.
Igor Garšnek and Nevil Blumberg joined the band in 1978, Garšnek on keyboards and Blumberg on guitar and synthesizers. Material for an album was recorded but was never released. The band took a break for several years and then reformed in 1984 with a few new members. They recorded this lp and it was released in 1986 on the Melodiya label. The music veers from heavy prog, to symphonic rock to cosmic ambiance. The longest tracks are very relaxed, bordering on new age.