Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fields of Estonia

That last post went over so well I'll try not to post any more cosmic disco lps. Downloads galore, but when you label it cheese people are embarrassed to give it their approval, even when it's well played and included in the top disco mixes. My girlfriend predicted this result and she called it right. Ha ha.

Now for something completely different. Synopsis was an Estonian progressive rock band originally formed in 1977.
Igor Garšnek and Nevil Blumberg joined the band in 1978, Garšnek on keyboards and Blumberg on guitar and synthesizers. Material for an album was recorded but was never released. The band took a break for several years and then reformed in 1984 with a few new members. They recorded this lp and it was released in 1986 on the Melodiya label. The music veers from heavy prog, to symphonic rock to cosmic ambiance. The longest tracks are very relaxed, bordering on new age.



BCR said...

i love pretty much damn near everything posted here..."cheesy" cosmic disco included!
as always, thanx so much for your efforts!

Horatio Hufnagel said...

great album! my favorites are "the snake king" and "loneliness".

PLEASE more cosmic/space disco records!

good music is good music!

lcl said...


timothy said...

really looking forward to this. thanks zeroy.

basso said...

such a fantastci record. Thanks so much Zeroy!