Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

How I love this world ......

What is the most beautiful thing about Disco-Music written for a ballet?
You (imagine being the performing artist) don't have to care too much about the masses spread across the globe's dancefloors yearning for cheap hooks and stupid refrains (not that I don't fall for them...). Instead you may care about the MUSIC an make it something unique. I'm incredibly happy that Monsieur Petit got that chance to produce this LP along with some well known (at least for all you Discodiggers) musicians such as Andre Ceccarelli, Piere-Alain Dahan and Jean Schultheis in 1980(what a wonderful year!).
Jean Claude Petit is really going wild on various instruments (see Discogs for the LIST of synths, sequencers and keyboards JCP used) and I therefor praise him. I wanted to write a bit about the songs included, but to be honest I don't where to start and how to reduce it to a bit then. So I quit losing words and move to the point. Due to the fact that this quite rare LP unfortunately has not been reissued wether on CD nor LP I don't have any pangs of conscience to post this beautiful piece of music here or here

I hope you like it!

P.S. A million thanks to T. and V. for bringing this into my world. Rocko's the name!