Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Requiem For A World After

"Requiem for a world after..... 
tells the story of a world annihilation through nuclear war. A civilisation, unable to cope with its aggressions and cultural differences, obliterates itself with rockets and bombs of unheard destructional power. This requiem is dedicated to those men and women who shall survive a nuclear annihilation, and who will have the task of creating a World After."

Welcome to the dark side of private Elektronik! The appropriate soundtrack for some cold and grey winter days ....

what's the latest fashion?

The latest fashion ..... I kinda lost track of it a couple of years ago but eagerly trying to catch up ; )  I was trying not to think about that when making a mix/selection mostly consisting of jazzy and fusion faves for Chee's "visionary mixes" series.

better late than never - YESYESYES

Young Marco is a gentleman from Amsterdam and when he's not working at Rush Hour, he's producing the loveliest house music I've heard in a while. Smile would rhyme ....  Released on Lovefingers fantastic ESP Institute... of course ; )

Check out the selfmade video to Nonono here:

and a snippet of Darwin in Bahia (!) here

Full track at 37:30 in a mix someone made for the fantastic "Disco Not Disco" Crew in Belgrade. I love the boat ; )

cheers, Basso

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cosmic Soukous

Esa was a danceband from Cameroon who blended electronic sounds and disco bass into their soukous (African rumba) sounds. 14 musicians participated in the creation of this first record, released in 1986. Stephan Dayas Nguea, who produced and provided vocals on this album, is still carrying on as a solo act and still using the Esa id. This is my favorite from the Esa discography and a hard one to find, so a good one to share. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vangelis - The Tegos Tapes

Microneurosurgery with video tapes - Spinal Space-Occupying Lesions, by dr. Stergios Tegos
(Medical Publications, Konstandaras, Athens 1998)

This publication by dr. Tegos is divided into three sections, the first giving a general review of the commonest pathology of the spinal cord, the second detailed descriptions of 35 representative patients, and the third contains video recordings of the operations of these patients. The tapes contain no less than 12 hours of video, and as dr. Tegos puts it; "To provide a more pleasant, relaxing and less monotonous experience even for established neurosurgeons, Vangelis Papathanasiou has composed music for each of the operations separately." Be sure to check out the enclosed pages for a description of Vangelis' technique of "immediateness" for composing this massive amount of tunage. Our providing friend, who wants to remain anonymous, spent the christmas chopping up the 12 hours of tape for us to enjoy. Thank you for the effort! Here's a vid of case 24 to "enjoy", and check out the comments for links to the entire lot.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The Cut were a Norwegian New Wave/Synthpop group with a German singer/keyboardist who also wrote most of the songs. Volker Zibell also did the album artwork. Shadow Talks was their first album released in 1981 in Norway and, in this case, 1982 in Germany.
Zeroy has had a nice long vacation from Blogsville, but I'm back with a fresh batch of new jams. More to come . . .

Bag it

Snag it . . .

Monday, January 9, 2012

Savant Wings

view from the deck

Happy new year folks!

The growing bin PROUDLY presents a wonderful, deep and eclectic mix by L.A. based musician, hobby gardener, cat & dog friend and music lover Wolfgang a.k.a. Zuckerzeit a.k.a. Zucker Chimney.
Being a big fan of his mixes I am correspondingly VERY happy to host one of these beauties now .

Please spread your "Savant Wings" and take an hour long trip around the music world starting in Wolfgang's garden in California (see pics). Fly over to Germany, or to Japan, Spain and Brasil. From Norway over Hungary to the Netherlands, Mexico or Africa and back to Japan - then listen again : )

In the garden