Tuesday, January 31, 2012

better late than never - YESYESYES

Young Marco is a gentleman from Amsterdam and when he's not working at Rush Hour, he's producing the loveliest house music I've heard in a while. Smile would rhyme ....  Released on Lovefingers fantastic ESP Institute... of course ; )

Check out the selfmade video to Nonono here:

and a snippet of Darwin in Bahia (!) here

Full track at 37:30 in a mix someone made for the fantastic "Disco Not Disco" Crew in Belgrade. I love the boat ; )

cheers, Basso


longshoredrift / lsd said...

really digging this cut!

Zeroy said...

Basso's been busy! Awesome video and awesome soundtrack. Looks like I have a new ESP title to snag. Flying Music . . .

Jo/No said...

Lovely, thanks!