Saturday, January 19, 2008

What does it mean?

Hey folks, check out the Wild Magnolias website here!
You'll find a great version of Handa Wanda but no explanation.
And don't forget to have a look at the pictures!!!!!

I am a brainwashed follower!!

This could be labeled as "Progressive Fusion Jazz" or "Progressive Jazzrock" or whatever. The Silesian Blues Band is a trio from Poland and they play music.
This LP (their 6th) was recorded 1977 in Hannover, Germany - a city known for trade fairs, an ugly city center and a lousy football club. I keep this LP for ONE reason - the title track. It gives me a shiver every time I put it on. Reminds me of Dr. John's "Glowin", if you know what I mean. Let's see if it works on you too...................... LINK


What else than yellow?

I cannot imagine any other colour than yellow..... but I defintely can imagine what it feels to wear a silly yellow suit and even sillier shoes. If my manager or a photographer made me wear stuff like that I'd grunt and groan.
But these guys play incredible music instead and therefor I praise 'em.
Great stuff all the way through. Not your ordinary funky chicken LP but serious and sometimes psychedelic with electric guitars and all that. My favourite part of "All that" is Dexter Wansel's delicious & spacey keyboard work. For the Heads there's a drum break that appears in The D.O.C.'s "Whirlwind Pyramid" and the beautiful "All along the seashore"was used for MF Grimm's "Yes you are" (It took me some time to find that out). My favourite track is the laid back "Happiness" - yes it is.


A spaceship? No it's Provolone!!

The big chunk of cheese travels through time and space and takes all them cosmic kids down to disco hell to spend the rest of their lives dancing naked in melted peppermint cheddar. For real! After having seen this one go on ebay for big money I just visited the local dealer and bought it for a few pennies and that's what this LP is worth. Maybe a few p's more if you're into dancing in cheddar. Check out the featured artists and request the link for your journey up first and down then ...... Don't forget to bring your pelican costume. If you don't own one - ORDER IT IMMEDIATELY
To be serious: There are quite a few wack tracks on this lp, but damn it - the Disco & Company (Arpadys guys) track is at least listenable just as the Vladimir Cosma tracks. Then there's the mad "Pepper Box" by the Peppers (Arpadys guys once again) and the insane Golant Pistons' Pelican Dance. After having listened over the shitty tracks for a couple of times my favourite is "Baby Darling" by the Holiday Mood Orchestra. It gives me a bit of a Melody Nelson meets Sunshine Reggae feeling.


Stuck to the letter J - Stars Sounds The Best

I fell for Jackie and Roy when I found their "Changes" LP on Verve about 12 years ago. "Didn't want to have to do it" is still one of my all time faves in vocal Jazz.
When I discovered this beauty in one of my favourite recordstores in Berlin (PLATTEN PEDRO, who knows a story to almost every LP he sells) I knew that it must be something special. At home I threw away my Novi Singers LPs ....

cheers, Basso


What a value! Did i mention that i like "Hope" more than "Values".
Sometimes I'm not too sure about that. Anyway - here's more by the talented Jiggs.
He brought some talented friends and the well respected Marc Moulin did spend some writing . (I wonder what he thinks about the term "Placebo-Style-Jazz-Funk", often used as a description for average Fusion LPs that include a single trippy drum break).
If you like this one go out and find "Trombone Workshop" on MPS from the same year or George Gruntz' "Piano Conclave" from 1974 which holds breaks trippier than Marc Moulin could think of.


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