Saturday, January 19, 2008


What a value! Did i mention that i like "Hope" more than "Values".
Sometimes I'm not too sure about that. Anyway - here's more by the talented Jiggs.
He brought some talented friends and the well respected Marc Moulin did spend some writing . (I wonder what he thinks about the term "Placebo-Style-Jazz-Funk", often used as a description for average Fusion LPs that include a single trippy drum break).
If you like this one go out and find "Trombone Workshop" on MPS from the same year or George Gruntz' "Piano Conclave" from 1974 which holds breaks trippier than Marc Moulin could think of.


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fritz the cat said...

Looks interesting. Any chance of a link?

Brother John said...

Ich auch :-)
Moi aussi :-)

Anonymous said...

Basso is a lousy swine!

g.raf said...

Thanks for introducing me to this guy. Im sorry i missed out on the 'hope' lp after hearing this!
The sharing is greatly appreciated.

boogieman said...

Hi, any hope of a re-upload?

Would be much appreciated.

basso said...

Get uppa:

boogieman said...

It took me a long time to say thanks. Sorry, I've been moving from one country to another and kinda lost track. Thanks again.

Viti said...

Hi! Please, any chance of a new link?

Anonymous said...

Please can post a new link?

basso said...

that was easy: Show More Sharing Options

Viti said...

Thanks men!!