Saturday, January 19, 2008

What else than yellow?

I cannot imagine any other colour than yellow..... but I defintely can imagine what it feels to wear a silly yellow suit and even sillier shoes. If my manager or a photographer made me wear stuff like that I'd grunt and groan.
But these guys play incredible music instead and therefor I praise 'em.
Great stuff all the way through. Not your ordinary funky chicken LP but serious and sometimes psychedelic with electric guitars and all that. My favourite part of "All that" is Dexter Wansel's delicious & spacey keyboard work. For the Heads there's a drum break that appears in The D.O.C.'s "Whirlwind Pyramid" and the beautiful "All along the seashore"was used for MF Grimm's "Yes you are" (It took me some time to find that out). My favourite track is the laid back "Happiness" - yes it is.



Anonymous said...

Harmonix said...

Great post. Anything with Dexter on it is bound to be love. I'm loving the blog. Peace.

soulbrotha said...

Wow, I just stumbled onto your site! And you have our blog listed (4 Brothers Beats) Thank you!

And I never heard of Yellow Sunshine before but they are funky as hell! Thanks again!

Great blog! I will have to check out some of the other joints as well so thanks in advance!

Give us a shout in our c-box when you get a chance!

millerfaction said...

just found stumbled across your site and i'm very impressed. great stuff here. thanks a ton.

Michael Can't Sleep said...

Thanks for this. I love Philly too.

petrus said...

good shit. thanks!

Anonymous said...

nice title track,
roades sound is kool.

I didnt expect that I can get here.
I forgot this band long time.
this is my clubbing dayz anthem


Kevin said...

Yo man! You have some seriously rare joints on this blog. I can't wait to expose my ears to this gem. Please stop by over at my neck of the woods sometime.

Peace, Kevin

Kevin said...

Thanks for adding me to your links! I will add you to mine as your blog is one of my favorite places to check out lately. I haven't downloaded the space funk comps yet, but they sound amazing.

Cheers, Kevin

Jazzsoulman said...

Thank you Basso, I've long had been on the hunt for this gem

Slidewell said...

Ouch! File is gone form DivShare! Hope you'll have a chance to re-up sometime!

You've got some truely weird and wonderful stuff here! Thanks for sharing.

thebabblebox said...

Is there a reup possible here, basso?

Anonymous said...

Thanks man

Raffo said...

Thank you, too.