Friday, May 30, 2008

Make the music with your Maus

What about snakes and mice?
Wolfgang Maus plays bass on my favourite LP.
On top of that he produced this peace of heaven called
"Children of the Universe". Thanks a lot, Mr. Maus.
You're the "Master of the Universe"!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's a disco world

Damn it! There's cheese on the dancefloor - again!
Ralf Nowy (Lucifer's Dream, Ralf Nowy Group, Methusalem) along with some usual suspects like Kristian Schultze, Curt Cress and Dave King has served some straight & cheesy disco. Quite different from the incredible Methusalem/Empire album, but still worth a listen. If you dig the Roots LP incl. "Sophisticated" and "Son of a son of a sheik" this one's for you........


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Drop it!

I don't like tracks containing the word "Dance" in the title or refrain.
Not at all!! That's why I almost passed on this Montreal Disco LP here.
But there's a "Pistolero" that made me "Shake".............


Friday, May 2, 2008

Heavy breathing

I'm not lazy - I'm blown away.................

A true american gentleman in Hamburg

Quite a few years back this LP opened my ears to the Big Band Sound. That doesn't mean this is a typical Big Band LP. Have a look at the lineup and you know it's not (there are lots of Rhythm Combination & Brass guys involved). It is in fact something inbetween and it features the lovely voice of Mark Murphy.


Piano, Drum & Bass

Here's two in one 1976 albums for lovers of the good old "funky piano trio".

First up another rare german indiejazz gem - Ken Rhodes' "Profile" on Amayana.
Please note that this LP is posted fpr promotional purpose only. If you like it, visit Heinz Ulm's (big chief of Amayana) website here: and buy original & unplayed copies of "Profile" at a decent price.

Next up a record that can probably be found in every third bargain bin in the U.S. -
David Baker on Jamey Abersolds playalong label. Some of the tracks sound a little sterile, but I guess that's the thing with play-along-bop. The outstanding track is the funky " Le miroir noir". If anyone is interested in the notesheet.....


Jeepers creepers!

Still active Bruno Spoerri's "Voice of Taurus" has been recorded in 1978 for Gold records. Spoerri, using a whole lot of electronic devices, is accompanied by Walter Keiser and Curt Treier on Drums. Due to Finders Keepers 2006 release of Glückkugel the almighty Mr. Spoerri has received at least a little attention.
"Voice of Taurus" is my favourite Spoerri LP, although I have to admit that the live album "Sound of the Ufos" featuring Reto Weber has some "nice" moments as well. This one here is a pretty nice monster. You'd probably say: all killer no filler!
I say: Something for everyone! Humorous synth workouts alongside cosmic-disco-not-disco tracks.

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