Friday, May 30, 2008

Make the music with your Maus

What about snakes and mice?
Wolfgang Maus plays bass on my favourite LP.
On top of that he produced this peace of heaven called
"Children of the Universe". Thanks a lot, Mr. Maus.
You're the "Master of the Universe"!


steve.d said...

not familiar to this artist,very curious to hear,the instrumentation looks exciting,thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi basso post the link please


IR e L a IXI said...

yeah, they dont make weird covers like these anymore. lol!

Basso said...

Sorry for the delay!


Tim said...

love this lp! thanks a ton for posting

The Deepness said...

Hey Basso
What an incredible collection.
Thank you for dropping into my blog (back in February) and the tips. I have not updated for over 6 months but will be back online soon.

Gianni said...

thanks basso!!!
about richard schneider jr. I just know very few tracks from him (downloaded from dreamchinmey site)but I love them!
did he produce just that lp with his own name, lp:dreamlike land?
could you try to share something more of his music? I think he is a fantastic artist.
anyway...thanks for all basso!

basso said...

Hi Gianni,

I'll post Dreamlike Land in the near Future. It is pure heaven!

tanti saluti,

Rock Savage said...

Just visiting and am going to download this. Just have to say that your site is the most beautiful of all the blogs out there. Subtle, stylish and classic. Always pop-in just to see.

Bestest Rock Savage

basso said...

don't know what to say....thanks a lot for the compliments Savage!

Gianni said...

hi Basso,
I am just listening better to this lp today.
thack 4 is like a DREAM: THANKS !!!
track 8 is wonderful in barry white instrum style.
track 10 is cool for relaxing!

thanks for all.
peace & love

Cabinboy said...

could someone please reup this? i missed it, thank you!!, for all the great music on this blog

Anonymous said...

Please re-up this fantastic piece of music! Do it for the Chims!

pappalapub said...

Listened to 'Dreamlike Land', which is
simply great and makes me so curious about this one. So please Basso, ReUp really would be a good idea !?!

basso said...

thought I reupped this already.
Will do this today!
Or better right now:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting , your blog is full of amazing obscurities.

jack_faith said...

wow. lovely stuff.